Chef Ranveer Brar
Blogging has not only taken me to places but has also given chance to interact with some of the finest chefs across. And they have always helped me to understand food much better. I know sometimes I have asked silly questions, however each question has been welcomed with a smile.

Whenever I get an opportunity to interact with chefs, I prefer to have candid discussion rather than asking regular questions.

Last week I got an opportunity to interact with Chef Ranveer brar while he was in Delhi. An informal chat on food, preferences, favorites, future plans, turned out to be a memorable discussion for me. There were many things that we could relate to each other – his upbringing in Lucknow and my college days in Allahabad.
Ranveer Brar Graduated from IHM Lucknow and has worked with some of the finest hotels in India. He has turned onto becoming the youngest executive chef of India. He started at an early age of 17, when most of us, at this age aren’t too sure of our future and dreams! His background helped him to understand the nuances of finer cooking with passion. 
The Talk
This was the most interesting and more memorable part of our chat. I asked him about my favorite topic biryani and then it turned out to be the epic. I must confess that no one has ever been able to explain about food of Lucknow; how and why it is changing. He added that it was a combined effort of khansamas, subedars, hakims and couple of others. It’s more about finesse and sophistication of the cuisine. We are not able to get the same taste these days as we are left with handful of khansama and no subedars and hakims. Younger generation too isn’t too keen in carrying forward the legacy.
I asked him about his view on Molecular Gastronomy and he shared it’s good for food fraternity and also good concept as long as you don’t play with the real flavors.
The most interesting thing is that he is writing a cook book – Food fables, which will not only have some excellent dishes/recipe but it will also have some great food stories which he had heard from various folks during his travel. You can also follow his blog ( where he has some interesting stories and food trails.
I am sure most of you would be interested to know about his favorite places in Delhi. Sharing some of it -he loves bade miyan ki kheer, kureshi ke kebabs and also loves eating at rehmatullah hotel near karims.
It was interesting to know that we wanted to visit Bihar and try out local food. I would like to take him to my hometown and around where he can relish authentic food.

If you want to know more about him please visit his web site.
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