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TVs have certainly changed the way, common man too looks at food. The masterchef seasons have played a great role along with the lovely live cookery shows that showcases wonders! Masterchef Australia is one such journey in engaging and hooking people to TV and increase passion for food!

There is tremendous emphasis on presentation, churn out delicious dishes using minimal oil, not too complex or with many ingredients and yielding terrific dishes within 30 minutes! The seventh season is about to start and winner of season six Brent Ownes was in India couple of weeks ago to promote the new season that will be aired on star premium HD.

We were invited by Hyatt , New Delhi to have dinner with the masterchef Winner, Brent Owens where he invented his dishes. Farm fresh warm vegetable salad was indeed fresh and delicious while the green peas cappuccino soup was worth try. The lobster ravioli and the lamb risotto were simply delicious.
Interacting with masterchef always is an inspiring experience in itself! It is also heart-warming when celebrities are soft spoken and down to earth, equally enthusiastic in discussing and answering with a smile, even if questions are repetitive!  

Excerpts from the interview:

MFM – How did you get into cooking?
Brent – at the age of 16, I saw a cooking show on TV and that got me into cooking. I started cooking at home, whenever I would get time from my work. My friends always appreciated it and it was Madison who convinced me to sign for master chef Australia competition.

MFM – How has life changed after Masterchef?
Brent – There has been lot of changes after I won the title. Lot of people have helped me towards improving and I have learnt a lot during master chef. I am trying to implement all that I have learnt! These days I am doing lot of live cooking, travelling my focussing on my book –  Dig in.

MFM – What has been your most memorable moment at master chef?
Brent – Winning of course, but apart from that cooking for my father from mystery box challenge was the biggest moment.

MFM – What are your future plans?
Brent – I am working towards opening a healthy fast food chain. People do not prefer junk food; yet want a quick bite while managing their busy schedules. I am working on it and hopefully very soon we will be able to do it.

MFM – How has been your experience so far in India?
Brent – It has been excellent. People here are passionate about food. They have travelled so much and they know a lot. I love the food here, specially pao bhaji, sev puri and pani puri. I have been thinking of using them somehow in my dishes, when I go back.

Titbit – Brent Owen’s favourite Chef is Jamie Oliver (mine too J ) and he loves eating Italian and Vietnamese cuisine. 
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