If food is your passion and you love indulging yourself and dining out; you love sharing your culinary knowledge; you love to eat, and you’re willing to try almost anything at least once; You love Introducing new restaurants and dishes to your familyfriends and enjoy tasting a wide variety of food, wines and love to write —— Then this is about you,
Share your dining experience with me in about 100-200 words. We are looking for intern for Delhi.
Benefits – You will be part of the invitation/pre launch events and various dine out events. You will learn to love your palate; detect the subtle nuances of flavor and seasoning in food; you will get to try anything and everything you come across, no matter how strange or foreign it may seem, and record your impressions as descriptively as you can. It really helps to be the kind of person who has tremendous zest for life willing to take many adventures and risks. You will get recognition in food industry and will get chance to meet the best chefs of india.

Please note – No monetary benefits or remuneration will be provided

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