downtown esselworld 1 You are focused on the ball and not the bowler because the bowler happens to be none other than Malinga. You could also choose Shane Warne or Wasim Akram to bat against. Yup that’s what CricketTown at Downtown Esselworld is doing- turning your cricket fantasy into reality. down town essel world 5With its tag line of meet the legends, beat the legends, CricketTown’s pitch, ball and speed are all real. You can choose from 5 levels. The system that is used by International cricket boards has been installed here and the experience is phenomenal as you experience 360 degree shot tracking with instant 3 D replays and sound effects.  Your cricketing experience can’t get more exciting and memorable than this while you are in Pune.

downtown esselworld 2If cricket is not your thing but playing an adreline packed game of futuristic laser tagging with your friends is, then again LazerWarriors at Downtown is where you should head. As you strategize to counter strike, you are given a hand held safe phaser which is a laser gun to bring down your opponents by tagging them. You wear a computerized vest in this visually exciting game where you hide, seek and tag.

down town essel world 7What’s the best way to cool down after all the action at the cricket pitch or the laser gaming arena? How about stepping inside SnowTown and having a snowball fight with edible snow, making a snowman or dancing in the snow wearing insulated jackets with hoodies, boots for adults and gumboots for kids and gloves. SnowTown has the statue of liberty, ships, kids slides, plastic sledges which kids run to, snowfall and trees in its classily done 13,000 sq feet interiors. “SnowTown is a themed ice and snow zone where the temperature is -7 degreee Celsius.

down town essel world 3Our ice skating rink is inspired from Copenhagen. You can eat our snow as it is made from drinking water. The zone offers a great respite from the sweltering summer heat,” adds Ranjith Pillai, Centre Head, Downtown Esselworld, Pune.

Location and timings:

Downtown Esselworld @level 1, Seasons Mall, Pune.

Open from 11 am-9.45 pm.

Khursheed Dinshaw.

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