woodpeckerSpectacular. Awesome. We want another ride. What an adreline pumped aquatic high. These are some of the reactions that guests give after they enjoy the range of water sports at Aamby Valley City. The multi-function aqua floating complex which can accommodate around 500- 600 people consists of a floating pool for adults and children where volley ball can be played. jet boatThere is also a water trampoline and a water zorb roller for both kids and adults.


Jet Boat offers a sophisticated ride that gives you an adreline high so sensational that one ride is simply not enough. As you spin 360 degrees in the man made huge water body, you can’t help but scream with delight as the Jet Boat plunges into the water and effortlessly glides out just in time for you to get ready for another wow inducing spin. It was my favourite ride at Aamby Valley.


jet skiAnother thrilling ride is the Jet Ski which goes up to the speed maximum 30-35 mph. One guest along with the operator rides it. World class Speed Boats skim the water smoothly and the ride in one is such an adventure that you are tempted to try wake boarding and water skiing which are done using these boats. If you are still not satisfied with the release of aquatic happy endorphins and yearn for more then there is the demanding and power packed Banana Ride named so because of its shape. An inflatable ride that is towed by the speed boat, it is guaranteed to drench you with fun, laughter and pure exhilaration. Another thumbs up for this one.

Don’t miss their floating Mercedes- it’s the luxury pontoon boat with its 4-strokes non polluting soundless engine. This magnificent boat offered by Godfrey Marine USA has plush interiors, a wash basin, wine chiller and ice box, changing room, chemical toilet and compartments for keeping valuables. It also operates as an evening cruise and a birthday or anniversary celebration onboard the luxury pontoon will get you brownie points garnished with memories to take back.


The Pirate Ship or Aamby Bambardian docked near the water sports area is designed as an eighteen century replica of a Bambardian Ship. With two floors, a full fledged bar, DJ and the upper deck which can be used as a dancing floor, it makes for an excellent voyage for party rockers. The latest addition is the Aamby Aqua Bus which is an amphibianc. Wouldn’t you rate travelling in this bus which operates both on land and in water as one of the most exclusive water experiences that you can have in India?


wood peckerWhile Aamby Valley offers varied dining options, we had lunch at Woodpecker which is a premium all-day world cuisine restaurant. Its contemporary interiors blended well with the water body in front and greenery around. The food was delicious and arrived on time despite the restaurant being full.


zorbingOur next stop was 19° North, a state-of-the art stand-alone adventure theme park. It is positioned as one of the most sophisticated adventure parks in India where the thrill of adventure is enjoyed through an array of adrenaline-pumping sports in their regular and specific customized formats. Try rock climbing, rapelling, riding ATV’s, zorbing, paintball, jungle safari, zipline and bunjee ejection which are not just fun but come with added learning and personality honing attributes.

ATV Shyam Patel, Head-Adventure and Water Sports, 19 Degree North explains, “Rock climbing helps to remove fear, build trust and team spirit. Rappelling helps to realize hidden potential while making you challenge your limits. Paintball shooting makes participants team players, improves coordination, strategy making and leadership. The activities of zipline, zorbing, jungle safari and bunjee ejection help to remove fear, bring you out of your comfort zone and confront your limitations. Riding an ATV is a useful way of becoming more focused and it also helps in decision making. You can choose from ATVs from 90 cc to 500 cc depending on how much power you are comfortable with.”

jungle safari19° North also offers trekking, off roading in a forest ranger, night camping with wilderness dinner, raft building, an amazing race with treasure hunt, management games and camps for kids. Another popular venue at Aamby Valley is the Lagoon complex which has a manmade beach with an artificial wave pool and lagoon pool where you can enjoy beach volley ball, beach cricket, basket ball and hand ball or laze around on water beds or in donuts. The wave pool creates eight types of different artificial waves.  Splash. Laugh. Play. Repeat.

Aamby Valley Limited



Pune – 410401

Telephone: +91 20 22965111    

 Web: www.19degreenorth.com  / www.aambyvalley.com


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