Eco conscious Indians wear natural and sustainable clothing, make a difference to their life and lives of farmers while supporting both the people and the planet. With a belief of being the change, these individuals are doing their responsible bit. They are zealously supported by Indian organic clothing brands who work to leave the earth a little more beautiful than they found it.

These brands believe that we must do everything to safeguard earth without compromising on fashion and our tastes. The following are popular eco-fashion brands of India:

Do U Speak GreenDo U Speak Green?

Do U Speak Green? is the world’s first clothing brand to get carbon footprint mark by SGS. This brand is the retail arm of Fusion Clothing Company, a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of high quality knitted clothing, supplying to top brands around the world for the past 20 years. In just 4 years, Do U Speak Green? has made its mark in eco-fashion, green, organic, sustainable and ethical luxury clothing. They also introduced the concept of recycled T-shirts. These tees are made from 60% organic cotton waste + 40% recycled post consumer polyester (PET Bottles) certified by Global Recycle Standard.

Shishir Goenka, Founder, Do U Speak Green? explains, “Our commitment is at reducing environmental impact through the use of natural organic cotton and bamboo clothing with more environmentally – sound dyes. Our clothing is made at our ISO, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) OE 100, Organic Exchange ISO 9001 Certified factory. Do U Speak Green? is registered as a trade mark in the European Union, USA, Canada and in India. The brand and web store caters to men, women and kids for yoga, casual and outdoor clothing. Choosing organic clothing feels right, not just for your skin, but also for your conscience.”

Indricka (3)Indricka

Indricka’s earth wise clothing blends fashion with sensibility and is made from certified organic cotton and sewn in socially accountable factories. Their range of bio silk (lenzing modal) promotes sustainability and durability. All the fabrics are dyed with low impact azzo free, non-toxic non carcinogenic dyes, making it safe for the wearer while reducing consumption of energy and water.

Vijaya Dewan, Founder, Indricka explains, “This collection is fade resistant and wicks faster than cotton keeping the wearer dry in summer. We also support sustainability by paying fair prices to all our links in our supply chain. Textile with heart is another theme followed at Indricka. We try to build awareness for endangered species, in our fun graphic fashion tees. The collection is rooted in the rich Indian heritage textile fused into modern silhouettes to make it appropriate for the contemporary, socially conscious woman. These influences can be seen in our embroidery inspired by traditional aari/zardosi work, embellishing our woven collection and in the prints used. Our versatile colourful tunics can be worn as dresses / kurtas over jeans, salwars and churidars. The organic cotton, knit collection uses heritage Jaipur prints on easy to wear sundresses, tops and t-shirts.”

Bluebery DCBluebery DC

Bluebery DC is a leading name in global fashion and in the export market. The daywear collection of Bluebery DC includes tops, bottoms, and dresses for women. The glamourous and chic clothing line promises maintenance of good health for self and for the environment, besides the designer’s signature style of simple styling highlighted with lots of detailing.  Though Bluebery DC’s organic collection is made of various well-known eco-friendly fabrics, the focus is on cotton, bamboo, soya and banana. The company uses certified organic fabric and organic dyes.

Experienced, knowledgeable and passionate Shetall S Khana, Founder and Designer, Bluebery DC adds, “We are attempting to change the concept of organic collection from unfashionable and boring clothes to trendy and youthful, despite being comfortable. The designs with simple cuts and highlighted with value additions like embroidery is classical in approach with a colour mix including pink, blue, green, and white for this season. Bluebery DC is for working females between the age of 24 and 35 years. It is a fashion brand, where experiment and styling go hand in hand with current trends.”


Chlorophile is another lifestyle brand embodying sustainable living values.  From organic materials to delivering great products; assurance of eco-friendly and fair-trade principles is their key to success. The brand desires to make responsible choices empowering us to make a difference. Chlorophile currently has a wide range of tops and denims for both men and women. They also have a range of shorts and skirts.

Srinivas Dhoddu, Managing Director, Chlorophile adds, “Aiming to meet the needs of people today, we work with nature to fortify trade with understanding and developing tools creating truly ‘green’ products. We listen to the pulse of society and observe vigilance in the supply chain, nurturing a genuine passion for green living. Bringing positively ‘earth-effective’ products to the changing world of fashion, and to people who share views from different angles, our collection is designed to meet customers’ requirements in style and comfort. We are also in the process of expanding our range, baby wear is in the pipeline alongwith a consolidation of semi formal and casual wear. We are working on retail connections with international companies in UK, Netherlands, Germany and China. They like our work practices, ethics and ethos.”



Zeme or Žemė means ‘goddess of the earth’ in Latvian and Lithuanian mythology. Accordingly, everything in nature that is born, grows and dies belongs to Mother Earth, who protects and nourishes the planet.  Zeme Organics’ mission is offering and encouraging people to wear organic clothes as a way of contributing to help reduce ground water pollution and green house effect so that Mother Earth can breathe easily. Under the brand name Zeme, a wide range of organic clothing for men, women, infants and maternity wear for soon to be moms are offered including T-shirts, denim jeans, woven shirts and tops.

Arati T. Nagaraja, Managing Director, Zeme adds, “Our clothes are GOTS certified organic cotton, and we use only biodegradable, EZO free dyes. Zeme and its supply chain are certified for GOTS standards valid for fibre products, yarns, fabrics and clothes and covers the production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, exportation, importation and distribution of all natural fibre products. We sell to retailers in India and abroad who are looking for quality organic clothes that offer great design and aesthetics at a reasonable price.”

I Wear MeI Wear Me

I Wear Me is an ethical and eco-friendly clothing brand focusing on bringing together the power of art, design and sustainable fashion to deliver creative, unique and green eco-fashion to its customers. Currently they offer unisex round neck t-shirts both plain and printed. All their merchandise is made from GOTS certified 100% organic and fair trade cotton. With perfect sleeves, the brand offers the best fitting organic cotton t-shirts you’ll ever wear. The fabric is soft, lightweight, has no shrinks and no bleeds. There are no drooling necklines.


Hina Palkar, Founder, Director, I Wear Me adds, “We’ve partnered with fairtrade certified farmer groups enabling us to establish a 100% organic and fair trade clothing line. We use GOTS approved water based non-toxic inks for printing. Our unique mix of art, design and green fashion makes our customers stand out from the crowd. Art and fashion have the power to express one’s individuality and thus the name I Wear Me. Our unique designs reflect the wearers’ attitude and persona. I Wear Me values the ‘I’ in every individual. We believe you are unique and that is what we aim to reflect through our t-shirts – not only your passion for creative art but also your individuality.”


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