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Noodling festival till 30th April 
Le Belvedere – Le Meridien
011 23710101
Connaught Place
Le Meridien, Windsor Place,
Connaught Place, New Delhi 
Meal for Two – Rs. 3500(approx.)

Le Belvedere in French means a place where you have a beautiful view and undoubtedly this place has lutyens style eclectic interiors and breathtaking view of Delhi and Chinese food where you relish the delicacies with Schezuan and Cantonese influences.

Sounds confusing?! Well that might be, but that is Le Belvedere at Le meridian for you. Located on the 20th floor of Le Meridien, certainly this restaurant has the best view of Delhi!

A Great Day – A Great Conversation:
Indeed it was a great day and we had great conversation with Celebrity  Chef Davinder Kumar and the topic was certainly the Literal meaning of Le Belvedere  that translates to beautiful to see, and from here you get to see the spectacular view of Delhi, that looks greener than ever!
Look and Feel:
The moment you enter the restaurant, the interiors give you the feeling of old British furniture or an old British style wedding place that hasn’t changed much over the years. I quite liked the bar counter that reminds you of the era of 60’s-70’s. 
The Gusto food and My Take:
As I have always shared that I love the concept of food reviews and offers based on ingredients,  rather than cuisine. Certainly impressive thought and this time it was noodles, picked not only from china but also from japan and other Asian countries. It was a blogger table and the idea was to start with regular starters and then move to sample different kind of noodles. 
Salt and Pepper King Prawns – as the name suggests, HUGE prawns , however  it lacked the punch of pepper and flavor of spices
Crispy fried lotus stem – it was super crisp and had right flavor of red chilli and honey – A perfect balance and an excellent dish.
Salt and Pepper Tofu – I am not a tofu fan but I enjoyed the crispiness of outer layer and softness of tofu.
Stir friend vegetables –This was packed with nutrients and lovely crunch that everyone loved and relished.
Noodles – Udon and Suba are famous Japanese noodles. Udon is thick wheat noodles and suba is the Japanese name for buckwheat. Apart from that we also tried pad thai noodles and pan fried which was crisp and was served with sautéed vegetables with gravy on top.
We finished our meal with some excellent deserts. Banana toffee , apple toffee , date pancakes – Perfect in taste!

It was great afternoon where we had some good food, great company and extremely mind blowing view of the city. I would love to come back here for lunch and enjoy the view of India gate too along with food! 

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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