I was very skeptic when I was invited to Radisson Blu MBD Noida for Hungarian Food Festival as I had no knowledge of this cuisine. However, I decided to go with open mind and it turned out to be one of the finest meal I had after a long time!

I have always believed that the food at any restaurant, is the creation of Chef and his team and if you pay attention to your reviews, your experience will always be memorable. I always do that with every meal – There is always something that I have gained with every meal ( No – I AM NOT referring to my weight! 😀 J )

 I tried and observed as much as I could during my interaction with the chef.  If you spend 3 hours, chatting with Chef, the experience is always fantastic.  All thanks to Executive Chef Rajesh Variyath and his company, we indeed had a great time.

He has been associated with Radisson Blu Noida since nine years. Prior to Radisson Blu, he has worked with Oberoi hotels in various capacity and interestingly he has worked under German chef as well and continental cuisine is his favorite cuisine.

Hungarian cuisine is similar to German cuisine that means there is hardly any scope for vegetarian people. Hungarian people are very passionate about their meats, stews, steaks, roasted pork, and beef. Many meat dishes are dipped in bread and then baked or fried. Hungarians also prepare many different kinds of sausages. The Hungarian national dish is meat stew. Other staples of Hungarian cooking include onions, cabbage, potatoes, noodles, and caraway seeds. Both cream and sour cream are used heavily in Hungarian food. It becomes difficult for the chef to prepare dishes for vegetarians in this kind of food promotions. Also for the reason that even the broth is either made of beef or pork.

In spite of limited scope for vegetarian, the chef created some dishes and they were really good specially Krumplileves ( soup made out of potato) and in the main course Fozelek( thick vegetable stew made of assorted vegetable). They have used Hungarian paprika which makes a lot of difference. The stuffed cabbage too was delicious!

For non-vegetarian there were lot of options, starting from grilled chicken,  lamb and Pecseyne(thin pork steak served with cabbage) and the famous Hungarian dish Goulash stew( also known as Szekelygulyas) –  thick soup or stew and can be made of any meats – a dish that is a unique and intriguing, DELICIOUS!

They have a wide range of Hungarian desert and out of which I loved the Malna Piskotatekercs( which is raspberry cream roulade) and Sutemeny Rigo Jancsi( Hungarian chocolate mousse cake).

They have everyday changing menu and the festival is on until 5th of April only( for dinner).  I strongly recommend that you must try and also spend some time with the chef to understand the cuisine. After this interesting dining experience, I was tempted to read more on its history – http://gotohungary.com/traditional-food. Chef has artfully adjusted our gastronomy without losing the uniqueness of traditional Hungarian cooking.

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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