Muslim food is always rich and specifically Mughlai as it was prepared for Mughal emperors. Delhi has lot of restaurants which severs good Mughlai food in Delhi. If you happen to visit, old Delhi, you will come across plenty of Mughlai restaurants in delhi.

Mughlai cooking also included ingredients that had medicinal properties to the extent that chicken and goats were fed gold silver so that the eater too benefits of the medicinal properties.

Below is the list of some of the best restaurants in Delhi serving Mughlai food.

  1. Karims – oldest and the best place to have Mughlai food in Delhi. They have a rich history and their ancestors used to cook for Mughal emperors. Their mutton seekh, mutton nehari and mutton stew are strongly recommended and you would want to come to this place for time immemorial! You will also fall in love with khamiri naan and sheermal naan.
  2. Al-Jawahar – After karims, al-jawahar too serves good mughali food and it’s in the same lane where karim’s is located. Here chicken pasanda and mutton curry are exceptionally good.
  3. Al –Karam – Next is al-karam, located in Gurgaon, satya niketan and jama masjid. Their specialility is roasted chicken, gilafi kebab and hakeemi chicken tikka.
  4. Al-Kauser – it is one of the oldest places in south Delhi that serves some delicious Mughlai food. Highly recommended is kakori kebab, mutton birynani and mutton burrah.the food is amazing!
  5. Frontier at Hotel Ashok – this is the hidden gem of Delhi that serves the most authentic North West frontier food in delhi. It started in 1980 and they haven’t changed their menu since then. You will love their daal frontier, banu kebab and patther ke gosht.
  6. Bukhara – the most iconic restaurant in delhi and cis considered as one of the finest restaurant in the world that serves authentic north west frontier food in delhi since 1978. Their daal Bukhara and tandoori raan is renowned and can’t be missed!

Apart from above-mentioned places I am sure there are other restaurants too that serve Mughlai food in Delhi. Mughals have created a culinary that is lavish, extravagant, sumptuous, alluring, rich and colorful and the medicinal properties that would alleviate health of the eater.

Mughals were great connoisseurs and the saga still continues as it continues to be the “celebrity” cuisine and Delhi undoubtedly is the best place for this elegant cuisine. The tradition of Mughal cuisine and it’s opulence continues to rule our hearts!

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