My love for ice-creams goes back to my childhood (like every other kid) when during my summer vacations I used to visit my maternal uncles in Delhi. And the ice-cream cart near the house had the instructions that whatever ice-cream we cousins demand, it should be given without asking for money.
I don’t think any kid in today’s time will have this luxury. My favourite ice cream used to be Chocobar from erstwhile Kwality Ice Creams which was acquired by Hindustan Unilever (HLL at that time) in 1994-95. It was merged with HUL’s Wall’s brand of frozen desserts and was named Kwality Wall’s.

The childhood memories came back during the Magnum MasterClass at The Oberoi’s Delhi. Magnum is the premium ice brand of Kwality Wall’s. The MasterClass is part of the series, which have been going on in the cities where Magnum ice creams have already been launched. The world’s most luxurious ice cream brand was first launched in Chennai in April 2013. It was subsequently launched in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. The MasterClass was with celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur, who began the session with the introduction to Belgian Chocolate. Then we were offered to taste the Magnum Ice creams. After the tasting, Chef Kunal Kapoor showcased how we can play around with the Magnum ice creams and serve them interestingly. The last part of the session was to put your creative hats on and come up with some interesting desserts with Magnum ice creams. Every table was given Magnum ice creams and other ingredients and we all came up with funny & interesting dishes. The fun session ended with the photo-op with Chef Kunal Kapur.
Magnum was first launched in Sweden in January 1989. The velvety smooth ice cream is made with the finest Belgian Chocolate. Belgian Chocolate has 35% coco and it doesn’t stick to your mouth. Magnum ice creams are available in three delicious flavours – Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle in Delhi from March 1, 2015. These delicately crafted bars are priced at Rs. 90 per bar.

Here is the recipe of Magnum Falooda which was done by Chef Kunal Kapur at the MasterClass
·         Magnum – 2 bars
·         Falooda – 250 gms
·         Sabza (basil seeds) – 2 tbsp
·         Rosewater – few drops
·         Kewra water – few drops
·         Rabri – 1/2 cups
·         Sugar Syrup – 1 tbsp
·         Saffron – few strands
·         Gold Warq – 1 leaf
·         Soak the Sabza in a cup of water for 15 min
·         Add saffron to Rabri and keep aside
·         Break the Magnum on the plate
·         Pile one piece on top of the other
·         Now drizzle Sugar Syrup on the Falooda and place the Falooda on the Magnum
·         Drizzle drained Subza seeds on the Magnum
·         Sprinkle rose and Kewra water
·         Pour some Rabri and garnish with Gold Warq
·         Serve immediately
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