How do you prefer to spend your long weekend? Do you go out of Delhi or prefer to hangout at lounge bars with your friends? Delhi over the years has seen excellent lounges where you can chill and enjoy with your friends and have couple of drinks.
Bars in Delhi  are good places to hangout even during weekdays for a drink or two or maybe just to relax and unwind yourself. If you aren’t heading out of Delhi on a long weekend, you still can enjoy. Here are some of the lounge bars in Delhi that are truly unrivaled. If you are lover of a good life or are a party animal, head on for these places where the beats are pounding and drinks are delicious and you wouldn’t want to miss the vibes and the atmosphere!


Hauz Khas Social – HauzKhas Social is an interesting concept which is the brainchild of Riyaz Amlani. In evening, it turns into a pub and during day time it provides space for freelancers for utilizing the space for free usage of wi-fi and it also has conference room and printer –everything at a very nominal price and that too is redeemable. They also have some very interesting drinks which you will love and off course the food here is great too. Hauz Khas social has its own version of LIIT that you will love – i.e Electric and Toxic.


Farzi Café – Any list of bars/lounge bars in Delhi is incomplete without the mention of Farzi café. They have amazing drinks which is amalgamation of technology (molecular gastronomy) mixed with some local ingredients. Farzi Apple Foamintini and Santa Banta are two of their famous cocktails.


Monkey Bar – It is, undoubtedly one of the finest places to chillax over a cocktail or beer. This place is considered as one of the best bars in Delhi. Situated in Vasant Vihar and Connaught place, it is also famous for lip smacking and mind blowing food. I would highly recommend this place for its amazing cocktails – especially Shazia Imli and Dublin dram.


 Hard Rock Café – The famous HRC that has created a wave, when it opened in Delhi, is known for their 10oz burger and it is also famous for its extra ordinary LIIT. This place certainly serves one of the finest LIIT in town. My recommendations for LIIT are Long Caribbean Iced Tea, Channel Island Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Boston Iced Tea and Texas Iced Tea.


Raasta – The Caribbean Lounge has an innovative concept and is appealing. They serve some exceptionally good cocktails like Strawberry Delight, Vodka & Green Apple based Raasta Frappe and spicy one Mango Chilly. They have some special cocktails which will be served in Bongs, an apparatus used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. They have named these cocktails as Bongtails.


These lounges serve your every whim and are subtle, cool and intriguing! Head on for an avant-garde experience!

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