Maneesh has recently written about how he relished the potato curry made by his grandmother (read about it here and he misses having it. We all have similar memories of the some or other dish.
Desi Roots is a concept which wants to bring back those food memories. It’s a modern Indian Café & Bar which takes you on the journey of long lost traditions. Every element of this place is a voyage down the memory lane – headlamps of Bajaj scooters, a table made from the old swing machine stand, comic books, old style telephone.

Desi Roots is the dream of Amandeep Singh – Director Lemon Seeds Hospitality, to marry traditional Indian food with a modern look. And he has roped in Chef Rajiv Sinha, who won the Top Chef Award for European Cuisine (Five Star), to realize his dream. Over the last one year, we met few celebrated European cuisine Chefs who have taken up the bold decision to play with Indian cuisine and all of them are doing brilliant work.

The best thing about Desi Roots is that the concept is not limited to props, but is also, very well reflected in the food (which matters the most). Our journey began with an amuse bouche of Paruppu Vadai – Crisp vada, sitting pretty on a bed of coconut chutney in a glass jar. The menu has bits of reflection from every corner of the country. Maneesh’s eye lit up seeing the Litti Chokhawhich had the typical taste and flavor. Chef Rajiv has kept the taste and flavour of every dish intact and scored the jackpot with the presentation, like in the case of Lamb Galawati Pâté.

 Galawati is a melt in a mouth kebab and it is an innovative decision to serve it in a pâté format. The ulte tawa ke paratha was in a triangle shape on which one can easily spread the galwati pâté. Sardar Pooran Singh will be proud of Desi Roots Ambala Cantt Mutton Currywhich was served in a metal Army Mug and came on a miniature truck giving full dhabha feel and the taste. This concept has so much opportunity that people like Chef Sweety Singh has also lent his recipe of Sarso ka Saag with Makki di Roti. The menu which is full of stories has another legendary dish – Bade Miya ki Kheer. Everyday Kheer is brought from the famous shop in Lal Kuan in Old Delhi.

Desi Roots is a destination itself which pulls you to revisit your old, cherished memories with its food. It is the place which can be loved by every generation and the concept can be evolved and taken to various parts of the world.

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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