As I shared, 2014 has been really good year for Mystic Foodie Mantra! We have been to amazing places throughout the year and some of them were truly outstanding, some were good and some were average! Honestly speaking I love when people ask our recommendations as a food reviewer and follow our activity and reviews! It is not only humbling but also very encouraging! Before I write any further, BIG THANKS for all the love and attention!
In my last post,, I discussed fine dining places and restaurants that stood out as my favorites in 2014.
And as always – This clearly is MY list, MY view and MY personal preference! I also wanted to add more places where we get great alcohol as well as mouthwatering food. Before getting into my list of favorite places of 2014, I wanted to share two terms that were coined last year. Gastropub and Speakeasy or Secret Bars.
Many of us are actually familiar with the term gastropub and understand the same – fairly a new concept in India, started By Chef Manu Chandra of Olive Fame, who opened the first ever gastropub By the name “Monkey Bar”.
Gastropub first coined around 1991, considered as a place which not only serves high end beers, but excellent alcohol along with gourmet food at the price of a bistro, without compromising on ingredients.  Monkey Bar perfectly fits in the category of a gastropub where you will not only get excellent food, but also mind blowing cocktails (for example shazia imli and dublin dram).
A Speakeasy is also called blind pig or blind tiger and is a place where alcohol is sold illegally. They came into existence in the United States during the prohibition era (1920–1933, longer in some states). They used to be underground or hidden and some even continued after the prohibition era as retro bars.
Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy is not unknown for people in Delhi/NCR and is considered as the finest bar in the city that serves amazing cocktails. Though this place doesn’t fall in the secret bar category but for me they are one of the best in town.
PCO fits the bill of a secret bar. Located in vasant kunj, you need a 4 digit number to dial in from the PCO fitted at the ground floor to open the place. They are known for their excellent cocktails and mixes, certainly making one of the finest bar in town. I have also heard a lot about ATM which opened recently, however I haven’t been there yet.
HauzKhas Social is another interesting concept which is the brainchild of Riyaz Amlani. In evening, it turns into a pub and during day time it provides space for freelancers for utilizing the space for free usage of wi-fi and it also has conference room and printer –everything a very nominal price and that too is redeemable. They also have some very interesting drinks which you will love and off course the food here is also great.
Wok in the cloud is one of my favourite casual dining place that again has excellent cocktails like The Malt Apricot Sour( whisky sour made out of single malt), The WITC Bellini( a luxurious interpretation of classical Italian drink), The Lychee Daiquiri(refreshing version of classic daiquiri)
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