IMG_20150210_143153012 This was my first experience of visiting an art exhibition and interacting with the organizers. An enriching experience that I would anytime love to gain again! An art exhibition was organized by Sumati Sodhy and Jaya Mani that featured three artists from Kerala, depicting the State’s myths, folklore, everyday life, flora, fauna & people. The three artists Murali Nagapuzha, Sajeev Visweshwaran & Suresh Muthukulam have different styles of painting and have a good following of Art and amazing correlation in their works.

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The paintings were not only close to nature, but also had a very calming effect on mind! The green hues used in the paintings were fantastic as well as eye catching. Every painting depicted a story. I also love one of the paintings that had a picture of the painter’s daughter looking into the frame.

IMG_20150210_143201578As were discussing with Ambica and Madhu on the exhibition, we also helped a lady with her decision in buying one of the paintings while she struggled for an opinion between 2 different paintings. I gained a lot in being able to appreciate art and discuss around it. .

IMG_20150210_143210833 About Artists

Murali Nagapuzha

In the past decade,  Murali Nagapuzha’s work exploded onto the Indian art scene and has also made an impressive impact at art shows abroad. Nagapuzha has been through many interesting avatars—medical representative, political activist to artist.

Sajeev Visweshwaran

Sajeev Visweshwaran is a  talented young Baroda based artist who has adopted drawing as his visual narrative. His works are almost like poetry on his native Kerala so nostalgically capturing scenes of life in his hometown. Sajeev has a Masters Degree from MS University, Baroda and has won several awards and scholarships for his work.

Suresh Muthukulam

Suresh Muthukulam has spent most of his life in the verdant backwaters of Kerala. This along with a four year Fine Arts Degree and his long and arduous training in the Kerala mural tradition under the legendary Guru Mammiyoor Krishnakutty Nair have largely influenced his work.

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