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 Perks of being a blogger is that you get chance to visit various places and get great experience when it comes to food and travel! Over the last two years of my active blogging, I have been fortunate enough to visit various places. Some were good, some passable, some outstanding and some that I wouldn’t want to visit again! Last Thursday, it was one such place that I will never forget.

I was invited to attend an event at Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon, at their bar “Tease”, where their mixologists had prepared some of the finest cocktails around the world and the best part was each of them had a local element attached to it. “Tease” ensured that we had great time not only tasting their crafted cocktails but along with that amazing appetizers that was paired with each cocktail.
India is considered as one of the largest consumers of alcohol in the world and among that majority of consumption is for spirits than for wine and beer. I am a die-hard cocktail lover and love to mix my spirit with various ingredients.

While I was curious about the session, at the same time, I was very interested to know how they have selected the spirit from different parts of the world and created a fantastic cocktail that represents specific countries.  For example, the cocktail that was from India was served in mitti ka bartan (Earthenware) and was made from the famous Old Monk – such minute details defines skills and thought process of every cocktail.
I don’t think we have clarity about the origin of Cocktails, however, traditionally cocktails were mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water and bitters. By 1860, liqueur became an essential part of cocktail.

During prohibition in USA( (1919–1933), when alcoholic beverages were illegal, cocktails were still consumed in bars that was known as speakeasies.
During our cocktail tasting Hind (old monk, mint, sugar syrup) scored high along with Oeuvre de Gaul (Cognac, herbs, honey, lemon) and Russian Bear (Vodka, ginger ale, sweet n sour). Star of the day was Iberian Ecstasy (sherry, brown sugar, milk, egg white) because of its flavor that gave me the feeling of enjoying a dessert!
Cocktail around the world festival is on, till 31st of January and is strongly recommended. You must visit and try their cocktails and I am sure you will like it.

Below is the list of the cocktails along with the appetizers.
Cocktail List & accompanying appetizers list
Morocco – Sunny Marrakech: Morrocan tea, vodka, peach
Corn fed chicken Faraya roll
France – Oeuvre de Gaul: Cognac, herbs, honey, lemon
Brandied liver and Hazelnut pate
Italy – A L’Italiano: Sambuca, coconut Syrup
Ggorgonzola scented Arancini
Russia – Russian Bear: Vodka, ginger ale, sweet n sour
Smoked Salmon on multigrain Blinis
India – Hind: old monk, mint, sugar syrup
Tandoori Malai button mushrooms
Spain – Iberian Ecstasy: sherry, brown sugar, milk, egg white
Cured Eggplant and Feta Roulatines
Caribbean Islands – Caribbean Djembe: Malibu, rum, pineapple juice
Chicken and pineapple dolmas
Germany – Deutsch Twinge: Jägermeister, black tea, sweet n sour
Herbed potato latkes

Quick Facts :
Date: 22nd to 31stJanuary, 2015
Venue: Tease & Tease Terrace, 1stFloor, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon
Time: 11 am to 12 midnight
Price: Each cocktail is priced at INR 650 + taxes. Price of the appetizers vary depending on the dish.

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Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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