After Chinese Cuisine, Italian cuisines are probably the most popular international cuisine in India. Because of its popularity, one can find innumerable places that serve fusion (Indian and Italian) versions, especially pasta and pizza.
I do at times enjoy these fusions; however nothing can ever beat the authentic flavor that is unique to each country.    

It isn’t difficult to get great Italian food – be it 5 starts, some of standalone places – authenticity do exist. To name a few, Artusi, Flavours, Diva serve great Italian food keeping authenticity in mind.
Defining authenticity is difficult, however if you have been to these countries, or if you have visited restaurants that serve such food – you will get to understand the difference between fusion and authentic. Spaghetti Kitchen is also among those few standalone places where you get excellent Italian food without much twist.

Spaghetti Kitchen is hosting pasta festival “Make your pasta” till 31st of January at their sector 29 outlet. The theme of the festival is about relishing different types of pasta with combinations and different types of sauces and vegetables/meats.

Last week on their invitation, I went to spaghetti Kitchen, to try their pasta festival and I was greeted by their GM Davinder and Chef Ashun. Spaghetti Kitchen in India is managed by Pan Food which is part of Everstone group. It is a well-designed restaurant that gives you feel of quiet Italian bistro, has al fresco section, perfect for winter lunches. They have lunch buffet on weekdays that runs quite well.
Chef Ashun shared that “make your own pasta” festival is about choosing your own pasta – penne, spaghetti, fusilli and so on and add on vegetables and meat according to your choice and your favorite sauce. Other than this, they had four veg and four non-veg pasta along with various options of toppings which you can add.
I tried couple of pasta and loved all of them. Chef Ashun has worked really hard in ensuring that everything remains authentic as it can be.

Marinara pasta which is a combination of homemade tomato sauce and prawns was amazing and really flavorful. Classic Carbonara cooked in egg and cheese sauce with ham and bacon was excellent and one can actually get the taste of bacon in every bite. This sure, is a must try! If you are a meat lover, you shouldn’t miss; Classic Meat Bolognese that is cooked in roast gravy – delicate, aromatic, creamy and meaty.
Rush to enjoy this festival while it lasts and enjoy the fresh, simple, authentic flavors of Italy. Italian food is easy and every pasta dish seems to be engaged and blended with fresh ingredients! It is very satisfying!

Quick Facts

Starting at a pocket-friendly price, ‘Make Your Own Pasta’ Festival is on till January 31, 2014 across all Spaghetti Kitchen restaurants. Marking its presence in 5 cities, Spaghetti Kitchen has more than 12 restaurants across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune.

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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