Punjab has rich cultural history and people are known for their large heart. They love eating and also love feeding people. Look around during any of their festivals, you will find people distributing food to everyone. They are very lively and their food too like them is rich and splendor.

Do you know that Punjab has the highest per capita consumption of dairy products? Yes you are right. Their food is incomplete without lassi, clarified butter and other dairy products like paneer. Their cuisine is largely influenced by their agriculture and farming lifestyle, which they have been doing for centuries. They also have influence of using tandoor for making various dishes. They are equally fond of non-vegetarian products and meat, chicken and fish too is loved tremendously!. Tandoor is an essential part of their cooking. In India, tandoori cooking was traditionally associated with Punjab. (Tandoors supposed to have originated from somewhere in the Middle East and migrated to Asia through trade and invading armies. The birth place of the tandoor will always lie in the region comprising North India,parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan and the South-West of China. Apparently the tandoor was supposed to have been brought in by the migrating Aryan tribe. The theory holds that the Aryans were originally from India who travelled in search of grazing lands to the Caucasus mountains and returned to India after a couple of centuries. It was them who carried the tandoor from India around Asia and back again)

Punjab, being a major producer of wheat, rice and dairy product, it has also become part of their staple food.  Some of the famous dishes of Punjabi cuisines are, dal makhni, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, sarson da saag and so on.
Welcome Hotel Shereton New Delhi is hosting a special Punjabi winter menu(from 12th-20th Jan dinner only) where they will take you to the gastronomical journey of Punjab and will serve some of the delicacies from the traditional Punjabi cuisine. Here you will not only enjoy the famous saron ka saag with makki di roti but you will also love their non-veg dishes.
I was invited to try the special Punjabi winter menu at Baywatch where over a glass of wine, we had long chit chat on various things. And in parallel, we were relishing their dishes that were being served.

Though I am not a vegetarian fan, I would still suggest trying their Arbi kebabs and you shouldn’t miss it! lamb chap and murg tikka was equally delicious and lamb chap was amazing (superlative)!!
In main course we tried mix of veg and non-veg like hare saag wali macchi, keema kaleji, kukkad kadai wala,meat te chawal and choliya da paneer along with sarson da saag. We finished our meal with delicious til ke ladoo!

I would highly recommend that you must visit and enjoy these rich delicacies!
 Sardiyan da Swad – dinner buffet only, priced at 1750 plus taxes
 on going till 20th Jan 2015

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.
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