When it comes to food I am someone who loves experimenting with my food, love the twists when anyone mixes and matches ingredients of two differentdistict cuisines and churn out dishes that is not just delicious, but peps up your spirits and you say “WOW Chef – impressive” J

Chef Manu Chandra doesn’t need any introduction at all, a master creative chef whose focus is to give us food which we love to eat. I am sure many of us who have been to Monkey bar, must have tried Chandra ji’s mutton curry (his dad’s recipe of classic kayastha mutton curry) and that too served with Govindbhog rice (IMHO it is the best rice to eat with curry, most flavourful rice). So it was evident that if he plans something during Christmas to feed us, it’s going to be excellent. Monkey bar, CP is first and the best gastropub of India that was started first in Bangalore and then replicated in Delhi with Chef’s own classical twist. Monkey bar CP has some of the classic dishes of “The colonial” of Delhi such as Gymkhana sandwich and many more. This time the occasion was to celebrate Christmas or the bada din as anglo Indians call it and of course with his own twist.
As usual I was expecting some very interesting food and I was not wrong. The Royal Bombay Yacht Club East India cocktail as the name suggests is inspired from the famous Royal Bombay Yacht Clubwhich that was founded in 1846. It consists of Brandy, Gin, pineapple, cherry, orange bitters and a twist of lime. A must try cocktail! Mobar Gymkhana Sandwich is again alltime classic and is inspired from the famous sandwich of the Delhi Gymkhana. I strongly recommend Bubble and squeak which is Soft potato cutlets stuffed with cabbage foogath and pan seared with an option of having poached egg as well. This is a classic example of east and west and is inspired from the famous railway cutlet that was served to British people in trains.

Next dish which I tried simply blew my mind and I am sure it will have the same effect on you too and I am referring to this butter chicken khichdi! Yes you heard it right –  Khichdi which was cooked with moong daal is very popular in eastern part of india and butter chichck which is almost like staple food for most of the north Indians (specially punjabis ). It was absolutely delicious and though I asked for tasting portion, I couldn’t stop myself and finished it. Pork Vindaloo which is again an anglo Indian dish and came from Portuguese and is one of the popular dish of Goa,  was delicious and the best part is that it was served white govind bhog rice which makes it more tasty.

You can finish your meal with Bibinca –  classic anglo indian desert. This is one food festival which you should not miss at all!
As they say “The Hobson Jobson: the Anglo Indian Christmas Specials’ at Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, New Delhi is a menu full of eccentric, entertaining and curious inspirations from Anglo Indian cuisine, to bring you a really fun and offbeat Christmas! Calling all you Porki fellows and Missy Babas to Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, New Delhi from Dec 11-Dec 25, 2014 for lunch or dinner (from 12 noon to 11:45 pm), for a taste of a time gone by! “ 
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