One bright morning, the sun rose, lighting the bright dawn. I found myself seated amidst well developed palates; wondering whether I belonged to the place that I was momentarily inhabiting; Dunkin Donuts that had recently re-opened in its place of origin,
Connaught Place. But there was a beaming face, directing its enthusiasm towards me; that of Dev Amritesh, President and Chief Operating Officer , Dunkin Donuts. He introduced two interesting people; Chef Peter and Chef Felix; who were going to run the errands for the day. Indeed an experience to be cherished for a long while. Dunkin Donuts meant to satisfy the urban evolved young adult, the evolved QSR customer; tends to invite curiosity with products (product compilation) that involve conversation. “Inspired by life” they say.

From the Stirrachhino to the Wicked Wrap, they’ve got products that can either take you by a swing or turn you off completely; depends on your palate, how accustomed it is to diversified acquaintances.

The place that’s commonly known to serve doughnuts of all types has three variants that are not only different in taste but also in their respective packaging. Starting with “It’s a Mistake” that took over the Indian market with its CHILLI GUAVA paste.  The chilli gives you a tingling sensation when it passes down your throat. Next on list are the “Ugly Strawberry” and “Stuck on me” doughnuts with strawberry topped by oreo and caramel as their respective plus points. The éclair along with death by/alive by chocolate are a must-have.I’m not an experienced food critic, but an incessant foodie with a sensitive palate. And cheese is on my top finds. Hence the next item on the list is definitely a hot-notch. The Naughty Lucy Burger, sharing its context with a wounded narcissist, it is an American/Mid western adaptation. The context and the preparation rescues the burger from Gourmet making it apt for QSR. The Raw Mango relish works on the Indian palate and makes it naughty. The cheese oozing out of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian patties is the USP of this assembly and sweeps you away the moment you dig in.Another product that’s working on the Indian palate in a similar manner is “flawed” as they like to call it; the Wicked Wrap. “Wicked is the new awesome”
Wicked because of the Andhra Level spices it contains; also classified as Level 3 spice in USA. It’s got a contrary product that’s a little light on your taste buds- the not so wicked wrap; the product name being self-explanatory.

Coming to that product that’s got contrasting opinions/reviews; the tough guy burger that comes in two variants: Original and Brute. The only difference being the patty and obviously the battle scarred-bun in case of a brute tough guy burger. Quite evident from the name, it’s quite heavy on your gut as well as your mouth. Constructed on a Bagel; considered as the hunter’s bread the TGB consists of a chorizo patty that’s dominated by Kastundi mustard. With it’s main constituent being Yam, it’s naturally heaven on your stomach.                          
You’ll also get sides that are not completely disappointing; like five versions of Dunkacchino and their very own Stirrachino that’s an amalgamation of Original, Espresso and the Stirrachino. It comes as the DancingCapuccino on the top and Original Dunkin at the bottom. Then their spiked ice tea is a refreshing beverage made of fresh tea leaves that they brew in the store. Being the market leader for regular/decaf coffee, iced teas hence justified.
All in all, be it the summer heat or the winter blow, Dunkin has something for everyone irrespective of choice, taste or age. You can grab a cup of coffee, enjoy the jovial ambience, share a conversation over tea or just eat along.

by Harshili Malhotra 
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