Another lazy winter morning; you wake up to find the bright sun peeping through the window of your room. The temperature’s fallen down to 56 degrees Fahrenheit, your room’s cold and dark in comparison to the last few weeks. You struggle with your blanket, enter your washroom, get yourself pepped up for an afternoon brunch, take your car and traverse 67km to reach this place in the sub-urban complex developed as an artist’s fantasy; Hauz Khas Village.

Spread across three floors, there is this fine cafe that defines leisure and pleasure in absolute sophistication. With the perfect ambience complementing its location, you’re mesmerised the moment you enter it. You’ll find light spirited people running around to cater to your n(gr)eed. With a beautiful balcony facing the Deer park and the lake, OTB has got an even beautiful terrace. With an amazing view, it’s a perfect refute (within the city) from your busy city life.

Whether it’s with your homies or that special one; it’s the place where you would want to spend ample time savouring your taste buds along with enjoying the ambience. On the menu; you’ll find items that you recognise, nothing different from the rest,  but you can be assured that whatever you pick is going to be served right; delicious delicacies. Going back to where we started from; you enter the first floor, find your way to the balcony and pull a chair across your best friend. One of those days that you’d like to take along, no matter what happens. There’s a young individual, ready to take your order. You start with an OTB signature- Crush On Ice and a green apple Martini; two perfect cocktails that sway you off your feet the moment you take the first sip. The perfect blend of vodka with respective fruits, Pomegranate and Green Apple; these drinks are a must have if you don’t mind spending a little extra. Alcohol or not, you’ve got something to soothe your thirst.
Next on the day’s list was a plethora of delicacies. From Pene Peri Peri with added vegetables to Quattro Formaggi, Grilled tiger prawns with lemon butter sauce, Shish Taou, Tofu & Bokchoy Dimsums, till the spirit-less capuccino served in the last; everything was a perfect match to the palate and the mood. The tiger prawns were evenly coked with the perfect tinge of lemon butter sauce. Shish Taou was for obvious reasons the perfect combination of Lebanese garlic flavoured chicken with the famous hummus and pita. If you go to OTB and come out without having their pita and hummus, you can consider your experience wasted. Tofu with an even proportion of Chinese cabbage was stuffed in one of the best Tofu & Bokchoy dimsums you’d have in that area. Pastas, Sandwiches, Burgers, Sizlers, Platters; you ask it, they have it, and not only that, they have a fine serving of whatever you want. Introducing to the foodies of the town, OTB calls out a unique combination of Chili Chicken Maggie. Along with that it’s also known for its Naan Pizzas.

Miles or not, this vibrant place is a perfect escape for all kinds. Special so, if you are looking to break out from those monotonous ties of everyday life AND emotions. Go to OTB, grab a beer, and enjoy the view, perfect chilling for the perfect kind!

By Harshili Malhotra 
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