Raspberry Delice and Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

Yauatcha, franchise of London based restaurant is also present in Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta.Chef Alan Yau the man behind the leading London Chinese restaurants Hakkasan and Wagamama, Yauatcha derives its name from the Chef and Cha means Teahouse. None of the yauatcha restaurant in india is Michelin Star, infact India doesn’t have any Michelin star restaurant as of now.
However Yauatcha London is Michelin star and that too they got it within one year of operation, which is truly incredible in my opinion.

Yauatcha is known for its dimsum across globe and considered to be the finest place to have. They just turned one in October and and we were invited to taste their newly launched menu. Restaurant is situated at level II of Ambiance mall, Vasant Kunj with around seating capacity of 160. It is huge restaurant with very modern contemporary look. Impressive interior I must say.
We met Expat Chef, Chong Chee Loong, who moved from Mumbai Yauatcha couple of months back and is settling himself in Delhi. We shared the same thought that Mumbai guests are far more spendthrift when it comes to eating out in restaurants!.
We followed chef’s recommendations as we always do and started our meal with  different varieties of dimsum and cocktails. Lalu(not the politician J) was combination of vodka, lemongrass, oolong tea and lychee juice and Cha La Lai had black grapes, oolong tea apple juice and sparkling wine that was refreshing and went well with the food .

Hargau, stuffed with big chunks of prawns can be felt melting in mouth with every bite. Chef shared that they do not prefer using shrimps and largejumbo prawns gives you the real taste of prawns.The thin, shiny and translucent skindough that covered the prawns were truly a treat!
Crispy prawn cheung fun was real treat, rolls of flat rice noodle filled with crunchy stir fried prawns with little of soya sauce was the clear winner. The rice noodle was slightly transparent and revealed the yummy filling. It was served hot and fresh and accompanied with a splash of soya sauce that gave it a nice sheen and aroma.We finished the entire dish in no time. I absolutely loved the smooth texture of the rolls and the simple savoury filling of prawns provided great crunch and fragrance
I loved the way charcoal lamb bun was presented and it looked very impressive including the concept and the divine aroma. I however wasn’t too impressed with the taste.  Truffle edamame dimsum surprised me with its texture and flavour. Interesting trivia on truffle is that dogs or pigs are used to find truffle as they can smell it. The truffle and edamame (soy bean in the pod) combination gives a sophisticated taste and I loved it!
It was time for the main course and our table was filed with variety of dishes. Before our chef could recommend, main course was already served. I would have preferred to go by chef’s recommendation and hence it was little disappointing to know that they typically have a fixed menu for reviewers!
Anyways, we were served steamed riversole in spicy black bean sauce, egg white chicken fried rice, kung pao chicken, stir fry vegetablesand spicy wild prawn curry with onion and water chestnut. After experiencing some great dimsums I was really looking forward to our main course which unfortunately was average or maybe that we clearly wanted to try chef’s recommendations! Riversole fish was bland and had no flavour and same was with kung pao chicken. They were mostly like regular dishes that I would have at any goodaverage Chinese restaurant. Nevertheless, the choice of dishes for reviewers to review, definitely doesn’t potraytalk about the level of efforts that Yauatcha claims. There are multiple dishes on their menu that are interesting and while chef was describing them in detail, I loved to hear know about the ingredients, method of cookingpreparation and would love to try them.

We finished our meal with Raspberry Delice and Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse. I believe desserts at Yauatcha display complete creativity and heavenly taste. Rasberry dark chocolate mousse, raspberry insert,hazelnut brownie,raspberry ripple ice-cream The creative presentation adds to the beauty beauty of a dessert. It is a beautiful raspberry dark chocolate mousse with crunchy raspberry insert rose along with hazelnut brownie topped with a scoop of raspberry ice cream. Chocolate mousse, crunchy hazelnut insert,honeycomb ice cream – Crunchu creamy and rich – this amazing blend is again hard to miss!
Overall experience on dimsums and desserts will keep me coming back for more! And as I had shared, I am yet to explore their main course! 
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