Innovation is the key in today’s scenario. At the same time, you don’t need to invest a lot to create a placeambience that would give customers awesome experience! You don’t have to go for a fine dining for gourmet experience; even a quirky, modern and chick studio restaurant (café or bistro) whatever you prefer to call it as – can also give you gourmet experience.
I am sure; you must be wondering what I am talking about…..

Yum Yum Cha, a casual dining restaurant, located on second floor at select city walk, serves amazing pan Asian cuisine and also some new dishes which aren’t even available anywhere in India.

Yum Yum Tree at NFC needs no introduction as it is one of the finest place for amazingly fresh and delicious sushi –  part of their contemporary Chinese and Japanese cuisine. It has already created a niche for itself and is considered to be one of the finest places for sushi. Their amazing unlimited sushi lunch on Tuesday is already “talk of the town”.
So what do you expect when Varun and Prantha Tuli of Tusaj Lifestyle who own the Yum Yum Tree brand? Nothing less!! – Right?
Yum Yum cha has one of the most interesting look, with origami –theme all over the restaurant and it makes the place – real fun and a casual dining place. I like the way they have placed themselves in the market with “”Little Bundles of Joy” and “Huge Bowls of Happiness”
Yum Yum cha will give you wide range of experience from Pan Asia, where you can try not only sushi and shashmi but you can also try some of their new Japanese and Asian dishes which they have introduced here for the first time. And one thing you will agree with me, after being here, is that, you will prefer to try something new, whenever you plan to come here again!

This place offers variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes that you wouldn’t have had in India. Do not hesitate to ask your server as they are very well informed and will guide you.
We started off with fun bottles of black magic (recommended by Niharica and it was very refreshing) and my favorite Thai orange and kafir lime and this is my favorite here too! Great way to start your meal – very refreshing and both are must haves. I skipped salad as I wanted to try lots of dishes and I was told that salads have great flavors and textures. Pink crab and chicken and water chestnut dumplings are not only appealing to eyes but tastes great too. Perfectly cooked crabs and crunchiness of water chestnut make the dumplings all the more delicious.
Let me share with you my earlier experiences of octopus, before I tell you about my next dish –  Takoyaki .I have eaten octopus in salads and I find it little chewy. Here, you must try Takoyaki, the most famous street food of japan, that comes with little twist and you will fall in love with it. Crispy layers, melts in mouth the moment you have your octopus! You shouldn’t miss this! PERIOD!
Next was nigiri sushi tree (assortment of different sushis) and sushi rolls. Dynamite and California sushi rolls were excellent. Nigiri sushi tree as the name suggests, was served on specially designed tree, extremely appealing and delicious. Scalops, salmon, tuna all were bursting with fragile flavors! Every bite is a mouthfeel and flavor richness interact with each other.
Sizzling Sticky Rice was the next dish that arrived on our table in a stone bowl, and it was then mixed together and served. Spicy Sichuan is famous Chinese dish from Sichuan region which is little spicy, yet delidous. Prawn, mushroom and corn perfectly cooked and mixed with sticky rice in itself is a complete meal. Every dish has a vibrancy, an aspect of liveliness and sparkle that adds dynamism and energy to each dish and you can’t just miss anything!
Then came, Never see Mochi Icecream – an  honest confession – I had never heard or tasted this. Mochi is considered as New Year desert in japan and probably one of the most popular desert not only in japan but outside the native country too. This is for the first time in india – being made in india – that too by and Indian chef.-  Incredible stuff I must say. Made out of Japanese rice and sugar, outer layer is chewy and filling of icecream, inside. We tried cappuccino and jaggery and coconut and both were outstanding.
Mochi ice cream
“Little Bundles of Joy” and “Huge Bowls of Happiness” as they say and I share the same experience when I came out after one of the most satisfying lunch – promising myself that I will come back again very soon. Varun and Prathna did a commendable job and hats off to them for pulling such a fun loving place. 

·         Address: Select Citywalk, Saket, Second Floor, New Delhi – 110017
·         For Reservations call: 011-41553030, +91 9810002994
·         Timings: 11:00am to 11:00pm
·         Average meal for two (without alcohol): 1500/-
·         Credit Cards: Accepted
·         Promoters: Varun & Prathna Tuli
·         Manager: Mr. Raj Thapa
·         Website:
·         Facebook:
·         Instagram: YUMYUMCHAINDIA


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