Tiramisu Jar

 Sunday brunches are becoming very popular these days. Every five star or standalone place offers interesting and different combination to satisfy your need. These are good way to spend your time with family and friends and indulge yourself in the gourmet experience. I always feel that these large spreads as Sunday brunches are very appealing and inviting.
Though I always ask myself that do we have that kind of appetite to have such a large spread –   Think about it. Well I don’t have! And, most of the time when I went out  for brunch, I ended up eating what I like to eat and most of the preparations were left untouched. There have been many brunches and I always discuss with chef and share that I would need to come here at least twice or thrice to get the full experience of a Sunday brunch.  Do you also feel so? I think there are multiple restaurants in town that would think the way we do!

smoked chicken and sun-dried tomato

 Kiyan at dushit devrana is amongst few places where they don’t have lavish spread, but they have set menu and they serve everything on the table apart from few dishes, which I loved it for the very simple reason that food comes hot and fresh and is served on your table.
When I got invitation from Fio Cookhouse Nehru place last week for their Sunday soiree, I was happy to attend and was looking forward to try their set Sunday brunch with Sangria and some exciting cocktails. I have been to Fio, Nehru place, couple of times and always had great experience. Here is my review on Fio Cookhouse which I wrote in June.

olive crusted fish


Fio cookhouse, Nehru place has that classic Italian/French bistro kind of look with very high ceiling. It actually gives you very comfortable and relaxed dining experience. And their al-fresco section which I think will be very popular in coming season as we are approaching winters. We reached on time as usual and were  greeted by their PR Manager Shagun and she explained us the reason behind Sunday soiree. Idea is to give every customer fresh and hot food which will be served on their table . Personally, I liked the concept and was really looking forward to it.  A four course set menu with your choice of sangria, wine, cocktails and martini is truly enticing!
Their flamed feta salad had the perfect crunch and was very refreshing. Minestrone  piemontese, a classic Italian soup in tomato broth was absolutely perfect and flavorful.
Next was pizza, two in one. We ordered smoked chicken and sun-dried tomato – thin crust, hot and absolutely perfect, definitely one of the best pizza in town.

ananas glazed pork chopped

For mains, I ordered olive crusted fish while Gaurav chose ananas glazed pork chopped and hola. Both were outstanding. Well-seasoned and perfectly cooked fish with classic French sauce salsa verde , fish was flaky and juicy. And amazing pork chops, sweet, salty, smoky that stole our heart.
We finished our meal with my favorite 15 min warm carrot and raisin cake with raspberry ice-cream and tiramisu jar.

15 min warm carrot and raisin cake with raspberry ice-cream

A well spent afternoon at one of my favorite place that not only serves amazing food but has a great ambiance too. It’s must visit place.
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