What do you expect when Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani and Ace Mixologist Shatbhi Basu sit together? The obvious – Great results!! That is what happened when we were invited at Harry’s Khan Market to try their new food and cocktail menu. Designed by Chef Vicky and Shatbhi Basu – It was not like regular event where we would just visit, eat drink and go back!
It was fun filled evening where we made some of the cocktails with Shatbhi herself and Chef Vicky explained the thought process behind the food. New menu is more of a comfort food and will have small portions and can go well with drinks. Drinks are designed keeping in mind the flavor, heat, spice and sweetness. Harry’s is a casual bar where the focus is more on drinks and food is more of an accompaniment. Well, even the accompaniments are worth every bite! They don’t work towards wine and food pairing, rather they prefer to pair food with alcohol. Keeping in mind the kind of footfall Khan Market has and also based on their past experience and user choices, they have decided to keep a floating menu for wine which will change every 2-3 months so that wine –lovers can try different kind of wines. Inspiration of their food is global and at the same time they have also tried to focus on lean and light food, it’s not snobbish but it’s smart, says Chef Vicky.

Harry new menuTheir Espresso Martini, Hot Chocolate Cow is perfect for winters. Shatbhi also mentioned that she took time to observe people, their moods, apart from another observation and that is when people enter bar. They have spent considerable time in looking into all minute details for chalking out their cocktail menu. She also added that this has been designed keeping in mind younger generations tastes and preferences w.r.t. alcohol and that is the reason they do not have tequila shotsJ. Interesting observation, I must say. Sometimes cocktails are also based on person’s attitude when he/she enters the bar. Drinks would taste great when they are made for others and not for oneself, says Shatbhi.
When asked, how much time, do they usually take, when it comes to preparing new menu, Shatbhi shared that it depends and it can take just 2 days and maybe even 2 months! It was interesting to know that Chef Vicky doesn’t like cocktails (I too am not a big fan of cocktails!) , though he loves beer and wines. Their new menu includes the famous jerk chickenwhich was absolutely delicious along with Chicken Satay, Fisherman’s Basket, Lamb Sliders and Nachos.

Whenever you would want to have some exciting cocktails, along with lip smacking food you know where to head!. Go to either Harry’s at Khan Market or at Select City Walk (Burger King, is just next door!)
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