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For anybody in Delhi who is fond of eating out, Olive at Qutub is a familiar name. In the past ten years, olive has established a name for themselves. The award winning Mediterranean restaurant is well known for their unique European flavors and outstanding service.

Chef Sujan Sarkar came on board and last year, we had the opportunity to try his first menu at olive. This time again, we were invited to taste his winter menu where he has worked with seasonal and local produce, sourced from nearby farms. Olive is not new for me, been regular in Mumbai and also I have been to Qutub Mehrauil couple of times. Every time I meet Chef Sujan, I become fan of his creativity. To me he is more than a chef, more of a food artist where his food speaks of his innovation! I was very excited to see his new creation and I was expecting a fabulous diner. The amalgamation of fresh produce and fresh meat to get great texture and flavor is specialty of Chef Sujan.
If the weather allows, outdoor seating area at olive is my personal favorite. We chose a table under the large banyan tree overlooking the wonderful bouganvilla and the white picket fence.
During our meal, we had a candid chat with Chef Sujan S. He talked about his love of food, his experience of working in the UK and his future plans for the olive. He gives a great deal of importance to the locally grow ingredients, and has a fine eye for detail. The presentation of all the dishes served out to us was impeccable, and was thought out in the minutest detail. Each element had its own story, and together all of them created a wonderful dish. The current winter menu at the olive brings the best of European flavors to Delhi, and its living up to the mark.
Braised BelgiumPork Belly

This was Chef Sujan’s third menu in one year and thankfully I have had the privilege to try his new dishes. After spending good amount of time with Chef himself, whose favorite cuisine is modern French, one can easily make out and understand the way he has changed food at olive and surely has taken it to next level. High on flavor and powered by great presentation, makes olive’s new menu, class apart.

I can continue talking about Chef Sujan, but let’s now focus on his new winter menu
Menu was huge and well spread and I will refer the dishes that I tasted or could taste. Started with the favorite Andaman Tuna Carpaccio (is a dish which is served with meat or fish, sliced thin or pounded thin and served as appetizer). It was served on braised onion tart with hard boiled quail eggs, sautéed French beans and green apple pure. This was French inspired salad which had great texture and high on presentation. Beetroot Carpaccio sandwich was next which was served with cream cheese, orange, artichoke and pine nuts with mint dressing, without a doubt, a star dish for vegetarians. Flavor of beetroot with tangy orange, minty concoction, everything was perfectly balanced.
Melting Camembert was simple, delicious, packed with flavor.
“Confit (one of the oldest way to preserve chicken food) Chicken”, is one of the specialty of south west France, simply melted in mouth.
Pressure grilled lavender scented Muscovy Duck breast

In French cuisine Entrée is dish served between two courses of the meal. I chose non-veg in this section which had amazing Chilean Seabass, Braised begium pork belly and my alltime favourite Angus sirloin with braised cheek. Angus is considered to be the best quality beef in the world, and is from Scotland originally. Sirloin is one of the best cut of beef and hence the final product would anyways have been outstanding. Kudos to Chef Sujan and his team for an outstanding meal!

We finished our meal with poached pear. One of the best poached pear, which I have ever had. I also had melting chocolate fondant.
Surely with the kind of menu designed by Chef Sujan and with excellent ambience, brilliant food and extremely courteous staff, this place makes it, one of the best place in town for an excellent dining experience!!

Picture Courtesy -Olive Bar & Kitchen

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