Nimbu Mutton and Murg Nimbu

How many times you have been in a situation when you want to have some spicy indian grilled stuff and your better half would prefer continental? You hardly have any options, to find both at one place. So either you change your preference or try to convince your better half (which is not easy always 😉 ).

Barbeque is perhaps the first cooking style which is now one of the most popular way across globe. Grill has gone through several changes and several modifications over the decades and it’s widely accepted. I personally always prefer to eat grilled food, over gravy. And hence the obvious preference to search for places that would serve grilled stuff.
I have been hearing some good things about Charcoal, which recently opened in Safdurjung Enclave market, opposite deer park. Close to it, you will find Hungry Monkey and Ritu Dalmia’s Depot 29. 

Mutton burra

On their invitation, I reached Charcoal to try it out. I was greeted by Akash Khurana owner of the place. A young, dynamic and passionate grilled food eater shared his vision behind the idea of opening Charcoal. He is someone who can spend his life relishing grilled food and it was interesting to know that we both shared the same passion. He shared that the thought behind opening this place was a simple one – He wanted to open a place where you can have grilled food along with couple of drinks and at the same time your better half can gorge on continental food. Bang On!!
Well, based on Akash’s recommendation’s we started with Nimbu Mutton and Murg Nimbu( both of them are their signature dish from their tandoor section ). Chicken was cooked beautifully- spicy, the tangy flavor of lemon bowls you over. Lemon isn’t squeezed over the cooked meat; it is actually used while marinating it. Boneless mutton that soaked the amazing marinade was super soft and moist with right amount of spices and I have never had such great flavorful mutton. Akash added that Nimbu Mutton is their homemade recipe which they have been eating for very long time. Age old recipes that finds its place ins restaurants, makes it all the more heartwarming!  Mutton Burra had the right spices and I would enjoy it more if it would be “charcoaled” more. I shared the same with Akash and he willingly accepted. All this whole I had been also enjoying their virgin mojito (alcohol license is awaited as the restaurant is just 2 weeks old).
They have amazing continental dishes as well. I ordered butterfly prawns with mustard creame sauce that was served with lots of grilled vegetables. The succulent Prawns were flavor packed and went well with mustard sauce. The grilled vegetables too were perfect and had a fresh and crispy taste. Truly, I thoroughly enjoyed the grilled vegetables too!  
Laal Maas with chilli paratha
For the mains I tried their laal maas . Well, it turned out to be one of the most authentic lal maas, that I have had outside jodhpur. It was served with chilli paratha that added more zest and both were brilliantly done! The fieriness and the aroma is every worth a bite!
Inspite being hardcore non-vegetarian, I also enjoyed the spicy potato cooked in tomato and was dry served with plain paratha. It actually bowled me as I never had chatpate aloo and that too with plain flaky tawa paratha which is hard to get in Delhi. I finished my meal with phirni, which again was nice.
A perfect combination where you will enjoy grilled as well as continental food in a cool ambience. Hygienic factors too matters in the science behind the perfect grilling and you wouldn’t get that in most of the dhabas! Do visit this place and you will surely love it, just the way I enjoyed and if you share the same passion of grilled andvs continental – CHARCOAL is the place for you!

Charcoal Tandoor Grill
B-6/5, Ground Floor, Shopping Centre, Opposite Deer Park,
Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
011 33106041

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