As far as I can remember, I have always loved food. During my childhood days I used to wait for my summer vacations so that I can visit my maternal place in Delhi and enjoy food at various restaurants. I still remember the taste of lip smacking ‘butter chicken’ and ‘tandoori chicken’ which I used to savour on family dinners.
My first brush with cooking happened when Chef Sanjeev Kapoor took over the afternoon slot on our TVs with his ‘Khana Khazana’ in 1993. I used to be glued to the TV and used to watch him churning out delectable dishes one after another. Later on Chef Rakesh Sethi came with his ‘Mirch Masala’ on Star Plus. Chef Rakesh Sethi is one of the most celebrated and trusted chefs in India. Along with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, he is considered the pioneer of food shows on TV. An alumnus of IHM Pusa, he has more than 3 decades of experience with the 5-star hotels in Mumbai and Delhi.

The food shows on TV had been my favourite programs for long. I credit these TV shows for giving their audience the confidence and the tools of knowledge to master their culinary skills in the kitchen and give expression to their inner potential. From an afternoon slot to a dedicated 24-hour food channel, the food has become one big business and it has taken Chefs to the homes of common man. Today, one can find various workshops being taken by the Chefs at malls and departmental stores. Even international Chefs are being flown in for these workshops. Recently I attended one of such workshop which was part of the Food Fiesta, which was being organized by Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj. The 10 day festival had various restaurants and cafes offering great deals. The workshop which was part of this fiesta happened on 27thSeptember was taken by Chef Rakesh Sethi. He churned up vegetarian Mexican Quesadillas and Lamingtons. He showcased how one can make various lip smacking dishes with the available ingredients. These two dishes were very tasty and are easy to make.

The interactive workshop gave me an opportunity to meet Chef Sethi and learn about his journey in the culinary world. I also learnt that one can make delectable dishes at home with being a little creative and bold.

Fat Burger in Town

I was very excited when I heard that Fat  Burger is coming to India. It used to be one of my favorite burger joint in US. So went today to try their burger. We had fat lamb and tenderloin burger along with strawberry shake.

When we looked at the price we were kind of happy, but when it came we were little sad to see the small burgers. At 295+ taxes we felt it’s little small. The tenderloin patty was super juicy, yummy and spicy too because it had jalapenos. Lamb burger was also good but little dry in comparison with buff patty. Shake I found little more sweet(may be because of the ice cream) I like shake at Johny Rockets but yes burgers here are definitely better than Johny Rockets. And their fries were fantastic. Crisp, thin and thankfully not too salty. Would love to go back again to try some of the other burgers as well. Unfortunately they only have 3 tenderloin burgers. Overall good experience, well trained staff and quick service.

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