People living in Delhi are referred as Delhilites. I came to Delhi about 15 years ago and am settled here.
According to a recent report by the Indian Institute of Human Settlement (IIHS), the two largest streams of migration to urban India are from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi and from Bihar to Delhi.
Each of these streams consists of over 3 lakh people. People from Pakistan (mainly Punjab), uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Punjab, Sindhis are the countless immigrants who settled in Delhi.

A very interesting article on immigrants on WSJ.”

Migration has always been an integral part of our civilization. The pattern
in Delhi shows a great variation from different states. Only six states Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan,Uttaranchal and Bihar contribute more than 80 percent, whereas the whole of the southern states and north eastern region adds to 5 percent to the total volume of immigration in Delhi. Employment, education Family settling, marriage have mainly been the reason for immigration.

Immigrants Project – A café in history which will open in CP soon. The concept is completely based on immigrants in Delhi. Interesting menu, simple décor, a ghee dabba for cutlery and much more. This will not be a regular café – A unique concept and an interesting story behind the formation Of “immigrants Project”. Stay tuned for more……

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