Mr. Rajneesh Sharma, GM-Sales,Vegit with Chef Arun Kumar at the launch

During my childhood the luxury of having Dosa or Idli were only restricted to the occasional visit to the Nepali guy selling these on his cart near our house. Yes, it sounds a bit weird, but that guy used to sell one of the best dosas I have ever eaten and his chutney used to be die for. To come back to my story. My aunt gets some pre mixes of Dosa, Idli, and Sambhar.
And for a few months the dosas and idlis were the regular affair at our home. That was my first experience of ‘convenience food’ or ‘pre-mix food’. Later on, the Sona Gulab Jamun mix was regularly found at the home. MTRs and Gits were the pioneer of pre-mix food in India. Their packets had made the South meet the North.

These pre-mix or convenience foods which were easily found on the kitchen shelves during the pre-liberalization era have lost the fizz in the last few years. The rising employment opportunities and changing lifestyle of consumers post the liberalization, had led to the demand for convenience food products in the country. This led to the companies like ITC, Haldirams, Kohinoor etc to jump into this category. During the boom period, the Norwegian company bought MTR. But these cultural and economic changes also made people exposed to various new flavours from around the globe. And to cater this demand, new restaurant started mushrooming offering best of the food right next to your neighbourhood.
Today’s consumer is spoilt for choices and it is very difficult to satisfy him. This is the reason which made Vegit, the pre mix food brand from the Merino Group, to come up with the ‘Hamara Mix Aapka Twist’ philosophy. They recently launched their new range of instant snack mixes – Vegit Falafel, Vegit Sabudana Vada, Vegit Corn Starand Vegit Halwa. The event was organized at Zambar On The Moon in Defence Colony. We were made to taste the new range of Vegit instant snack mixes first and then the Brand Chef of Zambar, Chef Arun Kumar dished up magnificent recipes using the snack mixes during the live cooking demo at the event. Suriani Falafel Biryani, Telengana Sabudana Vada, Malabar Vegetable Corn Star Stew, and Kerala Banana Wrap Halwa were a complete transformation and toothsome. The event ended with the delectable snacks served from house of Zambar.
We enjoyed the delightful evening and were inspired by Chef Arun’s skill to turn infallible pre mixes into splendid dishes.
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