We love celebrations in life. Celebrations are joyous moments and celebrations are about India winning a match, marriages, cracking exams and of course festivities!

Beginning of winter and celebrations and preparations for Diwali in north India is all about grandeur and chance to convey warmth and gratitude. Diwali not only signifies victory over darkness, but also we celebrate Diwali to commemorate the return of Lord Rama. There are other interesting stories on Diwali:
Celebrations are incomplete without exchanging warmthlove and our emotions take the form of gifts too! For me Diwali is about meeting my friendsfamily and exchanging gifts. I typically don’t like dry fruits and the regular sweets from sweet shops. If it is about exchanging gifts in the form of sweets, I personally recommend:
a)    “Life and “Home Alone”
b)    “Royce”
Bharti  Sanghi, is a food expert and specializes not only in home made sweets but also has amazing range of namkeens. She also offers great variety of Marwari and gurjarti food that can be ordered in advance.
Bharti’s passion for food started early on in life, when she used to experiment in the kitchen in her teens. Her upbringing and marriage into a traditional Marwari household yielded a wealth of knowledge imparted by her mother, mother-in-law and relatives. What started out as a personal passion, found a lot of appreciation among friends and family who were always ordering specially prepared meals, pickles and beverages.  Encouraged by the response, Bharti found her Food Processing Unit, eight years ago, and has not looked back since.
Bharti’sbrand, Life, brings together specially created recipes for beverages handed down over generations. Today, Life offers a range of fruit beverages with two special sugar-free variants. Bhartihas also developed food products and Farsaan as well as a special range of customized Indian sweets under the name, Home Alone.
Available at: http://homealonefoods.com/ *Place your order:  *011 26388811, 0120-3119881


Now on Royce:
Everyone close to me knows that I am not very fond of chocolate, however, last week I feel in love with Japanese chocolate Royce. This had been by far, the best chocolate experience; I ever had in my life. Try Royce and you would know the difference. When you bite off a small amount and let it melt on your tongue, bite another small piece and chew it slowly and would notice how creamy it feels in your mouth and it melts all the way and has a rich smoother texture.

To celebrate the festive season, ROYCE’ introduces a very special “Limited Edition Assortment Gift Box”. The Limited Edition Gift Box for Diwali has five varieties of ROYCE’ chocolate and a total of 38 pieces, including Baton Cookies (6 pcs), Chocolate Wafers “Hazel Cream” (6 pcs), Criollo Chocolate (6 pcs) and Pure Chocolates (20 pcs).
Priced at Rs. 2000, the luxurious “Limited Edition Diwali Box”  is available at ROYCE’ Delhi, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj on a pre-order basis till the end of October.
Sweeten up your Diwali with a difference! Happy Diwali!

Our review on Royce

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