Breakfast at Spice It ,Ibis Delhi Airport – Fantastic Way to Start Your Day

 “Eat breakfast like a king” the very famous proverb says it all. Breakfast sets the tone for rest of the day! It is the most important meal of the day and it not only gives you energy to start your day but also helps  you boost your concentration and metabolism.

 Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast! –

 In such a fast moving lifestyle and maddening morning rush to reach office, we tend not only avoid our breakfast but sometime we just do formality in the name of breakfast

I got an invite from ibis Delhi Airport to try their breakfast which starts from 4AM in the morning and goes till 12NOON, probably the longest breakfast in town – and think about it – 

Morning breakfast at 4:00 AM till 6:30 AM for early risers…… and post that a different breakfast menu! It is amazing if you are rushing early in the morning!

We really don’t have much of option when it comes to breakfast in town apart from those five stars and All American diner.

However you will be amazed at its pricing and availability if the spread.

They really have huge variety including fresh breads, juices and fresh cut fruits. 

Apart from these they also have live kitchen where you have the option of having eggs according to your choice, freshly made pan cakes which I love, and then indian fare like dal chilla , poha and chote bhature too (yes you heard it right ).

Then move to their western section where you will find sausages, cold cuts and variety of cheese too. They also have fresh vegetables juices which I quite liked.

I must say that me and my wife both enjoyed the breakfast very much and they also have an option of al fresco which I am sure will be great in winters. Worth a try and one should visit for sure!

Spice It ,Ibis Delhi Airport
Address: Asset no 9 Hospitality, District Delhi Aerocity, IGI Airport, NEW Delhi, Delhi 110037
Phone:011 4302 0202
breakfast for two – 998 Plus taxes

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