Yet another masterstroke by Genius Chef Manish Mehrotra , Zehen delhi’s first  private  member club located in The Hotel Manor where the modern and contemproray restautrant Indian Accent is serving world class Indian food. Chef Manish Mehrotra doesn’t need any introduction, the man behind the famous “Indian Accent “ which has completely changed the look and feel of Indian cuisine and provides  classy and contemporary and unique flavors but yet full of flavors. Membership to this exclusive club is only solicited through invitation.

 We were invited here to sample some diet gourmet food design and curated by Chef himself for the members of Zehen –

Zehen beautifully integrates wellness, social and lifestyle experiences. Speaking on the occasion, Chef Manish Mehrotra says “For the first time, we are introducing gourmet ‘diet’ food. Our members will now be able to follow their prescribed diets without compromising on taste whilst maintaining their lifestyle. We have a weekly changing menu and some daily changing dishes too.”

This wellness centre which offers not only customized gourmet food to their members but it also helps them to remain fit. After consulting with doctors/nutritionists and based on their recommended diet you can choose from more than 1000 dishes including soups, salads starters and main course. As chef Manish says “ we have tried to incorporate as much as organic(depending upon the availability) and simple yet delectable food which will satisfy your cravings.

Each member will be assessed by the team of expert doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and yoga instructors  and based on their assessment they have food which will not only helping them to remain fit but also shred those extra kilos(if they have chosen weight loss program). Food is served at dining rool and Zehen also has specially prepared tiffin boxes and bento boxes for those who will not be able to dine in daily, so that they don’t deviate from their diet program.
We were here to sample dish from his Zehen menu as well as his regular menu. First was beetroot tikki which was simple and yet delicious. Uthapam pizza was light, fluffy and good deviation for those who crave for pizza. Star dish of the day was quinoa mutton biryani. The perfectly seasoned meat pieces in the aromatic biryani were amazing! We requested Chef to include it the main menu as well.  Next we had zucchini spaghetti in fresh tomato and basil. This healthier grain free alternative is completely pasta Al dente! This light flavorful meal is delicious too!
Chef Manish has brilliantly crafted a light menu from indian accent which is not only delicious but healthy too! Zehen at the Manor gives you a complete healthy experience and it’s menu spices up your cravings as well!!
I will also share my review on Indian Accent soon…

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