Sutra, which means a thread that holds things together, is the name of the newly opened gastropub at DLF CyberHub, Gurgaon. Situated on the second floor, this 170 seater eatery is spread in over 5000 sq. ft. area. It’s a beautifully done place with a giant LP record replica as the backdrop on the music section, wall waterfall and bombastic sound system which can rupture your eardrums. It has both, the indoor and alfresco dining. The elegant décor with elaborate wood-work reminds of a British pub.

We went there a few days back on an invite for the review. The food is an ensemble of Mediterranean, European, American and North Indian cuisines. It also has a well stocked bar with a variety of wines and interesting cocktails. We began with Sutra Lefenite cocktail, a blend of Bombay Sapphire Gin with Pomegranate Juice. Next one was Bhangra Times, aam panna blended with tequila. Both these cocktails were very refreshing, brilliant in taste and a good coolant during the summer months. Berry Smash, a vodka based cocktail was next on the table. That’s where its similarity ends with other cocktails having similar names. It tasted slightly tangy because of kaffir lime and pimentoes.

Though we loved soaking in these amazing and refreshing cocktails, the stomach was rooting for food. So we asked for them to start the food session. The ubiquitous Tomato Soup was the first one the table. There was a wry smile on our faces. But we were pleasantly surprised after the first sip. The soup had good consistency, slight smoky flavor and soothing aroma. It’s the best tomato soup I had ever had. When we inquired about its distinct taste, we were told that it is cooked with roasted tomatoes and pimentos along with fresh thyme. Cappuccino of Mushroom and Truffle Oilwas another brilliant soup. Creamy taste because mushrooms are cooked in milk and earthy flavor because of Truffle. With both the soups, regular recipes were tweaked a bit to give distinct and refreshing taste. And both of them very light, justifying the appetizer tag.

 For starters, we were served Mezze Platter, Crispy Shrimps and Scottish Pao. The Mezze Platter consists of hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki, pitted olives, fattoush salad, pickled vegetables, and lamb mechoui. The quantities in platter were good, good in taste  and will be sufficient for 2-3 persons. It is one of the best Mezze platter in town. Crispy Shrimps were golden fried, but spicy because they were marinated with bird chilli and were served with spicy and tangy Peri Peri Mayo. Scottish Pao was a twist to traditional Scottish Lamb Stew which was served with Indian Pao, a more upscale version of Aamchi Mumbai’s Keema Pav. The lamb was tender and the tomato based gravy was balancing the metallic taste of lamb.

We moved towards the main course with Soldier Boy Burgerand Cigar Smoked Beer. While the chicken patty of the burger was soft and juicy, the buns were industrial and dry. Cigar Smoked Beer was an innovative drink. It had smoke when it came and tasted like burnt cigar. Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli was next our table. The ravioli was well stuffed and cooked in very distinct Puttanesca Sauce. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast. Succulent chicken breast was stuffed with sausages and wrapped with savory bacon. Shephard’s Pie, a classic English dish, was smooth, well cooked and served with garlic bread loaf. Moroccan Lamb Tagine served with Jasmine rice in a typical Morrocan pot. It was the first time I was having this dish. I liked the slight caramelized taste. The meat is marinated overnight and slow cooked which is similar to our meat preparations.
We were full till the throat and the desserts were still to come. But before that came two shocking (read: interesting) drinks – Beer Float and Gulkand Vanilla Shake. Dollops of ice-cream in a mug of beer becomes Beer Float, a quirky yet tasty beverage. Add few spoons of traditional gulkand (rose petal preserve) into vanilla shake to give a twist to the regular taste. We ended the afternoon with Molten Brownie Cake.
It was a long, fulfilling and interesting session, yes a session, because it went on for four hours. A place with beautiful décor, good ambience, good food and well stocked bar will be loved by all but for me the highlights were cocktails. They were innovative and interesting, yet tasted well. A must visit place for all cocktail lovers.
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  1. no offense to the writer however I was there like this very sunday and seriously had to go to Made in Punjab for main course as it was super boring at sutra. we order sangria a mezze platter and a non veg platter…..the non veg platter and the sangria was good enough and portions were also good but the mezze platter was disappointment….. we could only have falafel from the platter. the pita was thick and hummus not up to the mark… having 2 vegetarians in the group had to decide to change to a different place for main course.. but full marks to the ambience

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