We just got a tad bit luckier! We can now savour the traditional & gourmet Marzepan straight from its place of inception – Estonia.
The 6th generation Scandinavian Expat, Thea Tammeleht brings Nordic Kandie Magic to India. With the factory set up at Powai, Mumbai and the flagship store on Peddar Road, Mumbai; they now open a kiosk at Neel Sutra Bridal Lounge at Khan Market.
At the launch event Thea & her husband – Thomas Abraham along with their daughter Mia warmly greeted the guests and acquainted them to the perfectly handcrafted Marzepan and the history behind them.

Marzepan is authentically made of almonds which are then coated with Belgian chocolate. They were accidently invented in the 15th century when a member of the royal family fell ill and they called up a pharmacy for medication, the head sent his apprentice called Mart to see the case because the practice that time was to make the pharmacist have his own medication before the blueblood could consume it, to check for any poisoning. So in order to save himself from the bitter medication, Mart decided to mix sugar & almonds in it. It was appreciated and named Mart’s Bread. It was called Mart’s Pane by the French as for them Bread is Pane, and over the years it evolved to become Marzepan and soon was admired by the whole of Europe.

 Here at Nordic Kandie Magic they use Iranian Mamra Almonds and organic sugar and coat them with the finest Belgian Chocolate. Only 300 pieces are manufactured everyday and are solely hand crafted. They also have special ones which have the Gold & Silver cover and come with a certificate certifying their quality standards. The Gold & Silver foils are imported from Giusto Manetti who has been the suppliers to the Royals across Europe.

They initially had 12 flavours and 4 special Indian flavours were curated by Chef Vicky Ratnani on this Father’s Day, which include the Chilly Mango, Cardamom-rose flavour among others.  One can choose from nutmeg, figs, mint, orange, green apple, lychee, cherry, peanut butter, and cinnamon among others. The candies have a shelf life of 45 days and are delivered in an ice pack with utmost care.

The packaging is one of the most attractive packing’s I have ever seen in terms of candies and is a perfect implementation of the European culture of gifting perfectly packed gifts. Keeping India’s most celebrated festival – Diwali in mind, they have launched special packs in 2 flavours, namely, Raspberry Lemon & Cardamom-rose.

The taste was absolutely amazing with the crunchiness of the almonds, mild sweetness of the sugar and the burst of the chosen flavour. All distinct yet united in that little candy!
Priced at Rs. 205 per candy for the normal ones and Rs. 300 per candy with Silver foil and 350 for Gold, it is sure to delight your taste buds in a royal way. Happy Munching! 

Photography – Jaspreet kaur

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