A relatively value for money Italian food joint with decent interiors, good service & privacy 🙂
A place opening at Khan Market is a must go and eat place. Someone has to have something unique to join the food palace competition and attract crowd to test their taste buds. Heard about “La Vie” and invited by a friend to join him for dinner, I decided to visit the restaurant & that turned out to be quite an OK experience. The interiors were nice. Space is an issue. Lighting was dim in general could do little better with them.

The restaurant had ‘authentic Italian cuisine’ pasted all over – needless to say that claim was just right if you wish to have wood oven thin pizzas and innovation in desserts, this is something which comes from the Chef’s connection with France and his experience there.

Start to order, we started with mock-tails, salad, followed with various pizza options, pasta and finally with dessert and coffee.
Decent mock-tail – Peperry Mojito and Virgin Capiroska- to complement the trail of thin crust pizzas we ordered. We ordered Wild West and Greek God’s pizza. My memory was live with an awesome formaggio in veg pizza to taste. Although not being a veggie lover myself I would anytime go for Greek God’s pizza as it tastes better and the cheese did justice to my palate.

Followed with my favourite non veg pizza- we ordered Pepperoni and Pesto Chicken. Frankly I was expecting awesome fresh pepperoni pizza, which to my dismay was not that great but the cheese generously spread gave a bounce to my taste. Basil pesto chicken pizza was just right for me and the cheese again was generously spread to make me happy while eating. I would not hold myself to say that yes I was missing to sip my wine along with such good tasting pizzas.

We had good appetite that day, we ordered more….. Chicken Ceaser Salad – sorry to say that as most restaurants they could not get it right. The chicken slices, croutons and lettuce were there but just not right- no crunch not crispy and parmesan did not do any justice to it. The cheese peelers were missing which was pin to my disappointment.

Going with the flow to order more, we then ordered Fish in lemon butter sauce and Spaghetti Bolognese. Fish was just rightly cooked, lemon butter sauce was ok to taste and added flavour the fish well cooked. Although the veggies again were not crunchy and the small potatoes were there but could be missed on the plate as too much loaded. Spaghetti could be done little better.

Finally we order their innovative desserts. Choco Burst Pizza- just good and nicely made to taste melted chocolate and the crispiness of thin crust wood oven pizza.

Overall, I would say that they may have to struggle little more for getting the right crowd. It is just rightly priced place to go in khan market if you wish to explore new Italian with wood oven thin crust freshly baked pizza which is yet hard to get in Delhi region.

By Artee Puri

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