A young lad armed with a degree in interior from the land of design & architecture – Paris, comes back to India and opens a brilliantly done restaurant which becomes a landmark for a quiet romantic dinner. Its dreamy place, having the influence of Garden Bistros of France & Italy. Situated between Blue Frog and Olive Restaurant & Bar in Mehrauli, this place was opened in the year 2012.

Beet Salad with Blueberries & Mustard Dressing

And surprisingly, we weren’t aware of its existence. Lovely lush green courtyard, L-shaped indoors and the terrace overlooking Qutub, it has sealed every corner to give you the ultimate dining experience. Sudip Solanki teamed up with acclaimed interior designer Lucie Salaun to come up with this eclectic space. The restaurant serves European Cuisine.

String Chorizo with Honey Pears & Goat Cheese

Once the details of the Citibank Restaurant Week were announced, we opted for 3 restaurants we wanted to cover during this edition and Cheri One was on top of the list. We went there on Monday evening, and as soon as we entered, our first reaction was of shock. And the reason is the stunning visuals of brilliant interiors. A gem hidden from the eyes of jeweller should be a reason for ignominy. Anyhow, putting that feeling aside, we settled in the indoor dining area. The three course menu for the Citibank Restaurant Week is curated from the new menu which will be launching in a fortnight.

Steak with Blueberry Sauce

The menu looked very tempting and it was a real struggle to choose a single dish. But after a lot of deliberating we opted for Beet Salad with Blueberries & Mustard Dressing and String Chorizo with Honey Pears & Goat Cheese for appetizer. Beet Salad was so perfectly made that it felt every vegetable is individually dressed and in taste, it was brilliant. Chorizo sausage atop a toasted bread and dress with honey pears and goat cheese. The combination of smoky taste of chorizo with creamy goat cheese and honey pear amalgamated so well that it covered up the chewy bread. For the main course, Maneesh ordered Steak with Blueberry Sauce and I opted for Maple Glazed Salmon with Almonds. The steak was done exceptionally well but Maneesh didn’t like the combination with Balckberry Sauce. But my Salmon was excellent. It was flavourful, with the right amount of sweetness. For deserts, it was my favourite Drunken Tiramisu which came sitting beautifully in a chocolate basket. Maneesh opted for Berry Cobbler, which was a cake topped with berry sauce and strawberry ice cream.

Maple Glazed Salmon with Almonds

Overall, it was a brilliant evening at a spectacular restaurant with a good food. Its a must visit place for a quiet family dinner or a romantic date.

About Citibank Restaurant Week:
Started in the year 2010 by food writer Mangal Dalal, Chef Nachiket Shetye and former finance professional Azeem Zainulbhai, it is a celebration of finest culinary experience in India. Conducted under the banner of Desi Restaurant Week Events Pvt. Ltd, it is held simultaneously across Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. It offers the opportunity to dine at each city’s finest restaurants at a fraction of the price it would normally cost through a three-course prix fixe menu. It is priced at Rs. 1,050 and Rs. 1,350 for lunch and dinner respectively in Mumbai and Delhi, and Rs. 900 for lunch and dinner in Bengaluru.
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