I am a great fan of Super Chef Ritu Dalmia. I love the way she interacts with her participants. It’s always a very engaging, lively and interactive session. It’s always fun to attend her live cooking classes.

I got invite for the launch of Table Olives ‘La Bella della Daunia – variety Bella di Cerignola DOP’ followed by live cooking session at Italian Culture Centre. Here Ritu Dalmia’s Diva serves the best thin crust pizza in town. I couldn’t have afforded to miss this event. I have always heard that Diva at Italian center serves the best pizza in town. I never got an opportunity to try it out as this joint is open for members.

It was really hot and humid evening when we reached for the event. Like me every single guest was equally excited about the event. Event started by Ritu, cooking live – pasta using special olives. These olives were fresh, little bigger in size and delicious too.

According to their press realease “The table olive ‘La Bella della Daunia – variety Bella di Cerignola DOP’ from Puglia (Italy) is renowned for its big dimension, fine taste, beauty and consistency of its flesh. Its uncooked use and its good keeping make these table olives a suitable element, in particular for many fast and digestive recipes as snack and aperitifs and for the enrichment of dishes, cooked or uncooked seasonings, and side dishes for meats and cheese
Some of the dishes that we tried – Crostini with Green Olive Pate and Crostini with Black olive Pate – Great appetizers, Penne Puttanesca (perfect meal) and Aqua Pazza (fish).(Originally, the Italians cooked the fish in seawater, which is where the name crazy water or ‘aqua pazza’ comes from).
Live cooking session was followed by dinner and drinks. And finally I got my hand on the fresh pizza, straight out from the wood fired oven and everyone who claimed that this place serves the best pizza, were absolutely right. Pizza was fresh, super thin and was loaded with cheese and meat.

A well spent evening with my favorite chef, chatting with blogger friends and met new people as well.

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