Chinese cuisine is probably the only international cuisine which has been widely accepted across India with variations according to Indian palate. It can be full of garlic flavor in north India or generous use of green chilly in eastern part of India and even curry leaves in Southern India. Well it’s Chinese seasoning with India tadka!

In India, it started in Kolkata over 100 years ago and now Chinese food has become an Integral part of the Indian cuisine. We do come across roadside dhabas too with Chinese food in their menu. This definitely is one of the most favorite cuisine of India. Some people also claim that the Chinese which we eat here is actually Tibetan cuisine which is inspired from Chinese. Whatever the artifacts be, Chinese cuisine is known to everyone irrespective of how authentic it tastes.

House of Ming at Taj Mahal hotel is probably the first ever Chinese restaurant in a five star set up opened 35 years back and was also the first one to introduce Sichuan cuisine, or Szechwan cuisine. Sichuan cuisine, or Szechwan cuisine as people call it, originated from southwestern province of china and is known for its bold flavors. Sichuan cuisine or Szechwan cuisine is considered spicy and hot as they generously use garlic and chilly peppers.

Personally I am a great fan of Chinese food and have been to house of Ming couple of times and have always loved the food.

On being invited to attend blogger’s table on the occasion of their 35th Anniversary celebration and on being introduced to their new Chef Zhou Jian and his new menu was a great honor! They didn’t alter the menu completely, however added some new signature dishes of Chef Zhou. When I reached there, I was excited to see the long tasting menu which had been specially designed for us.

First came the starters and, we started with fried malha chicken perfectly cooked with Sichuan pepper corn and dry red chilli.  I fell under the spell of this chilli laden dish .This was pleasantly addictive!
Lamb cumin was the star dish which was cooked with freshly ground cumin powder and fresh coriander – The scent of toasted cumin and crispy succulent lamb is intense, earthy and spicy. The flavors bowls you over and every bite is overpowers your senses .

Scallop with Glass Noodle came out really well and just melted in the mouth.  Scallops that are just tender and the scallop juice infuse the bottom bed of delicate glass noodles with a deliciously fresh and tasty flavor.

Both the vegetarian starters – Crystal Mixed Vegetable Dumpling was juicy and Pan Fried Mushroom Dumpling with colocasia sticks was crispy and added to the monsoon flavor.

In Soup,  we had  Chicken Grain Soup that was more  like clear chicken soup. Vegetarian Spinach and Tofu Soup actually tasted like palak paneer but the combination of fresh spinach leaves with tofu is loaded with health benefits and I actually enjoyed the taste.

Then came the mains   Sweet Corn Chilean Sea bass Guangdong Style was nice and cooked well. Guangdong cuisine in any case emphasizes on seafood and unique mixing flavors.  Its flavors are thick, delicious and sweet.
White Chicken with Sichuan Mala Sauce was gorgeous and I loved the spicy – numbing taste. Chicken in robust spicy mala sauce was delightful.  Kung Pao Chicken – The diced chicken that had an excellent spicy flavor conquered the palate
 Sliced Tenderloin with Oyster Sauce was well cooked. The oyster sauce enhances the natural flavor of beef. The tender and flavorsome beef slice with spring onion was rich and aromatic.

Twice Cooked Spicy Pork with White Leeks was the best and I finished it at one go. The “twice-cooked” part refers to the pork belly that is first  simmered in salted water  until fully cooked, sliced, then stir-fried in its own juices. The pork is then coated with a hearty sauce of fermented chili bean sauce and Shaoxing wine and the leeks along with it give a fantastic taste.

EggPlant in Yu Xian Sauce was little spicy and sweet. The wok fried Eggplant was denser in texture and it is one of those vegetables that blend with the sauces and the way it is stir fried. This is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Sichuan cooking that means “fish-fragrant eggplant and it doesn’t taste or smell like fish. The hot, sour, salty, sweet flavor of this dish was all blended well.
Home style Silken Tofu was equally well made dish. Soft and Crispy with bell peppers – midly spicy and a great vegetarian dish.

Meals are incomplete with deserts. We had red bean cake, carved fruits and lotus paste stuffed golden fried litchis and I enjoyed it heartily.

As I shared earlier, House of Ming has always been my favorite place for Chinese and now with Chef  Zhou Jian and his signature dishes, I can see myself frequenting this place often.

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