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When I started blogging last year, I wasn’t sure if this is something that will continue or will it be few articles on my blog and then will leave and pursue some other activity. I had earlier started to blog my thoughts around life in general and had lost interest and hence when I decided to start my blog on food, I had my apprehensions. With each article that I wrote, my passion to pursue it further and interest to try various cuisines, enthusiasm to channelize my energy on something different, increased! The inception of coffee event was the result of my hunger towards bringing in like-minded people who are equally, if not more, passionate about coffee. The extended support that I had from Teena to conduct this session was overwhelming! Big thanks to Thnkmkt team for shaping this thought into reality. Without Teena and Thnkmkt, this event wouldn’t have been possible. Last but not the least, my sincere gratitude towards everyone who have appreciated this event, as now, it makes more difficult to live upto expectations of doing something better! It goes without saying that Naina’s unconditional love and emotional support gives me all the strength and courage to pursue my dream, my passion – Namann and Naina have been pillars of my existence!

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I am an adventurer, dreamer, marketer, musically inclined, traveler and foodie to the core. I believe food is one of the greatest gift from GOD. I have always believed in that theory and have been trying to improve my dining experience. I am learning to appreciate various tastes, and expanding my horizon. For me, a great dining experience will be something where the serving challenges the conventional taste and stamps its authority. Be it a lavish spread of a five star hotel or a plate from a road-side shanty, my taste buds should be able to experience every single ingredient in the serving and the heart should always allure for it.

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