With retail stores selling packaged, fresh and cooked foods, mushrooming everywhere; Foodhall by Future Group has created a different league for itself. Located in 5 cities in India it is making premium gourmet food from across the world easily accessible to the Indian buyers. To add to their shopping experience it also has a Live Demo Counter where their in-house chef’s help food enthusiasts understand the different cuisines and popular recipes.
They carry out sampling activities, interactive sessions & workshops and monthly thematic festivals which make shopping at Foodhall an enriching experience.
On Thursday, 21 August, we were invited to the Culinary Masterclass- I Love America Burp, with Chef Haleem & Chef Kshipra  for the ongoing American Festival (1- 31 August’14) in association with United States Department of Agriculture, at the DLF Mall, Saket store.

The menu included the Classic Greek Salad, Black Bean and Chipotle Burger and Candied Orange & Ginger Pancakes & Waffles.
The chef’s started with the Classic Greek Salad which hardly took a minute once the veggies were diced. The diced veggies included Yellow & Red Bell Peppers, Cucumber, Tomato and Onion along with some hand-torn Iceberg Lettuce and both Green & Black Olives. All veggies were then transferred into a huge salad bowl and was seasoned with a generous helping of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Black Pepper, Lemon Juice and Oregano. The salad was then topped with cubes of Greek Feta Cheese and served cold. The Greek Salad is known because of the colorfulness it brings to the salad bowls.
The Black Bean Burger with Chipotle Salsa was a hit amongst the participants. It had a lightly grilled black bean patty, Chipotle Salsa (Mix Salsa and the oh! so hot Mexican chilly – Chipotle), Lettuce, caramelised Onions, Mustard Sauce and a mild version of the Blue Cheese Dip mixed along with some Yoghurt, chopped Celery and Chives. The Patty was made by soaked and boiled Black Beans which were sautéed with Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese and fresh Cream. The burger made was healthy, not at all greasy and thus was very light to eat. The flavours complemented each other really well.

Next on the menu were the Pancakes. The batter was prepared before hand in ribbon like consistency using Flour, Baking Powder, Eggs, Sugar and Vanilla Essence. The batter was poured in a non stick pan and fluffy pancakes were made in golden brown colour. They were served along with Butter, Maple Syrup and the star of the day – Orange Zest and Ginger infused Sugar Syrup in ek taar consistency.
The chef’s also made waffles with the same batter on request by the participants. 

Our take home tips included – never mix olive oil to your salad well in advance as it de-colours the veggies, lightly toast patty’s made from boiled ingredients as it is already cooked and the flavour might get hampered if overdone and  while making your pancakes make sure the batter spreads equally in the pan and the pan gets equal amount of heat from the flame across the cooking area.

It was a very informative and interactive session.

By Roma Malhotra
Photographer – Jaspreet Kaur

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