Sunday brunches are always exciting and popular. Most of the five stars, business hotels and stand alones offer Sunday brunches. Interesting part of Sunday brunches is unlimited food along with unlimited beverages. It clearly depends on the vast spread as well as variety of cuisine, that decides how good, interesting a brunch is. I enjoy Sunday brunch as it’s like spending half a day in a relaxing and stylish ambience and savoring every bite at your own pace. That’s the pure beauty and bliss of Sunday brunch.

Courtyard Marriott in gurgaon is positioned as business hotel and it’s a great place to have your official discussions along with terrific meal. We were invited to try their Sunday champagne brunch at their MoMo café, which is an all day dining. PR Manager Mansi shared that, they have regular customers who wanted them to include champagne in their Sunday brunch and hence they conceptualized like many other, the Sunday champagne brunch.
The best thing that I loved about their brunch is the special menu for kids – small burgers, fried, noodles and small size pizzas. They also have dedicated section for kids where they have tattoo artist, small playing area and lot of other activities that would keep the kids engaged. Many of us have super energetic kids and it becomes difficult to enjoy a brunch when kids get bored easily. I would love coming here as I know that my son will have fun time and me and my wife can relax and enjoy our brunch.
While I was looking at the spread, 3 very interesting counters caught my attention. The grill section that has veg/non-veg grill as per your choice. I tried tenderloin grill and prawn grilled with indian spices. Tenderloin was perfectly grilled and was great in taste. Intially, Prawns, were little disappointing as the overpowering taste of turmeric had actually killed the taste. I went there again and told them to balance it and next time it turned out fabulous.  Live sushi counter and next to that was live Chinese counter where your can choose your choice of meat/fish and sauces….it was really good.I had fish in spicy chilly sauce that was amazing.  I liked the sushi too. Fresh and tasted good. I felt that slices were not even and it should be thinner. They also had chaat counter which I didn’t try because I am not a chaat fan. For the main course, I tried couple of dishes from their indian section and some from their oriental section. Again tenderloin slices in hot chili sauce was really nice and went really well with rice.  Hyderabadi biryani was little disappointing and it tasted more like chicken pulao. 
They have great desert section and I was told that they actually have got a halwai from old Delhi, who is specialized in preparing Indian sweets. Rabri and gulab jamu too were good.  
I must say that service was very prompt despite being full house and they were very responsive and were catering to every single customer. Highly impressive, I must say.
I really had great time there and would love to go back again and this time with family so that we can enjoy the brunch and my son too can have a good time.
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