My first visit to this place was some 8 months back when we went to NFC to watch a movie and I simply loved the place. Minimalistic décor and some outstanding food bowled me. I didn’t visit this place again as maybe didn’t go towards NFC. However last month for 2 consecutive Sundays, and had different dosas and idlis. I can only say that this is the best south Indian place, which I have been to and highly recommend it.
Sagar Ratna of Defence Colony used to be my favorite but not anymore as I fell it isn’t the same anymore. My last visit was almost a year back and didn’t have good experience. Sarvana bhavan’s food too I don’t quiet enjoy, despite the hype it carries. I am glad that I found this place where all 3 of us enjoy a hearty meal – me, my wife and my son ( My 6 year old prefers non spicy food) .
Here is the blog post link which i wrote almost a year back on my pick for south indian food.
Like I shared, it has minimalistic interior, yet very nice. This place has seating arrangement of about 30 people and is always crowded.
This place has very simple and home style cooked food which you will not get in any restaurant in Delhi. Their menu is very simple and has good variety of dosas, uthapam and idlis.
What I like here – their dosas are really good specially malleshwaram 18th cross, ghee roast and mysore masala. My personal favourite is malleshwaram 18th cross dosa which is thick, yet crisp and very filling. Dosas are served with green and red chutney, coconut chutney and samber. Their idlis are light and delicious. Also would like to mention here that obbattu which is also known as puran poli in Maharashtra is the best in town and is authentic.
Puran Poli or Puran Puri orBobbattu or Holige or Obbattu or poli is a traditional type of sweetflatbreadmade in Indiain the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Goa.
I didn’t like the sambar as it doesn’t have any vegetable and has just tomato and onion. Yet I love it’s taste. I like their filter coffee too.
If you are want authentic south indian, non-spicy food – Carnatic Café is the place you will love to go with your family and especially if your kid loves dosaidli, however can’t stand spicy Sambar – you will understand what I mean!
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