“Coffee is a language in itself.” Jackie Chan

A search on the word “Coffee” on Google throws up nearly 3 billion results. This reflects the debate among the differing schools of thoughts on the origin of coffee. The Coffea plant which was also called ‘tree of heaven’, was discovered in Ethopia as per the popular apocryphal account. There are other stories around the Ethiopian goat-herder Kaldi and the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. But the proliferation of coffee plantation and coffee drinking spread to the Middle East and North Africa in the 16th century and from there it spread to Europe.
In India, it came around the same time when Muslim pilgrim Baba Budan smuggled coffee from Yemen.

During these four centuries, Coffee has not been able to break the ground in world’s largest tea-producing country. It is still considered as a royal beverage and very few are aware of brewing a perfect cup of coffee. We at Mystic Foodie Mantra love our coffee and the struggle of finding a perfect cuppa gave birth to the idea of holding a session of coffee appreciation. The idea bore fruit last week when we successfully concluded our first coffee appreciation workshop – Bean Talks. Coffee expert Teena Khanna took participant through the History of Coffee and shared her knowledge about Types of Coffee Beans, Understanding Espresso and Espresso Tasting. After the interactive session, participants tasted 4  varieties of espresso and filled the tasting cards. The objective was to share first hand knowledge on how to identify perfect coffee on through smell, taste, color and flavor. The event culminated with participants enjoying delectable food which was specially curated by Chef Ashish of Terminus 1.

This was the first of the series of workshops and would be conducting more in the future. The event was conceptualized and executed by Mystic Foodie Mantra in association with ThnkMkt. We would like to thank our hospitality partner Terminus 1 for extending great support.

About Teena Khanna

Teena Khanna is a training professional from F&B industry and has been working in coffee retailing from last six years. She has been trained in coffee tasting and analysis in UK and certified coffee cupper by Italian Institute of Coffee Tasters, Susegana, Italy. She has worked with the major coffee player in the Indian market and is a culinary blogger by hobby.
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