Jama masjid area is foodie’s paradise. Everyone who loves kebabas and briyanis and niharis must have been to this walled city atleast once,  to enjoy the delicious mughlai street foods. Yesterday,  few of foodies from delhi foodies group went to jama masjid to savour some mouth watering food during ramzan.

There are various joints  in jama masjid and everyone has their own favorites. You might not completely agree with the details shared here ,as everyone has their own preferences, but this list is based on my own experiences. I have been visiting  jama masjid for quite some time now and have tried number of places. Here are my recommendations based on my own personal experiences. Please note that these kebabs and tikkas and biryanis are buffs(Buffalo meat) and if you like them then you must try.

So here is how I start when I go to Jama masjid.
I start my journey with Lalu kababee,  opposite to jama masjid gate no1, serves amazing boti kebabs and seekh kebabs. Both boti and seekh kebabs are buff meats and are served with onion and green chutney. Kebabs were soft and succulent and juicy and were delicious. Boti kebabs were good too. And in the adjoining shop we also had shami kebabs that were extremely soft, delicious and melted in mouth.
Word of caution – Don’t get carried away and Don’t stuff yourself here as there is more to explore.
Next was Anmol chicken – this is very unique grilled butter chicken and ca be found only in jama masjid area. Chicken pieces grilled on charcoal and then dipped in butter and cream and served with onion and green chutney. They are absolutely yumm, perfectly grilled and very fresh.
Your next stop should be Aslam chicken. This is just opposite to jama masjid gate no 1 . There is a lane that goes towards matia mahal Follow that road and after approx. 400 mts, on your left, you will be able to locate aslam chicken. Aslam chicken serves the same grilled butter chicken as Anmol and they are equally good.
Next stop and my personal favourite is Rahim cycle wala at chitli kabar chowk. The guy who used to sell amazing curries on his cycle, now has a stall with seating arrangement. He serves amazing magaz curry(brain curry ) and keema. One must try his mirchi keema and brain curry with roomali roti or khameri roti.
Walk towards chitli kabar and after approx. 200 mtr, on left, there is small lane where a heavy build  guy sells biryanis. He is known as pehelwan biryani wala or manpasand biryani wala. His achari beef biryani is amazing, –  little spicy and little tangy. Para boiled rice cooked with beef meats, is really delicious and you will love it.
Move further after 3-4 shops and then halt at haji shabrati nihari wale. His brain curry(goat) and beef nihari is something to die for. Soft and succulent beef meats cooked to perfection – You will end up ignoring the quantity of oil J . You must try them and also try their sheermal or sweet bread.
Now move further aprrox 500 mts in the same narrow lane and you will find – Taufeeq biryani wala. Taufeeq used to work with pehelwan earlier and now he has his own biryani shop. His biryani is quite good and infact, I preferred his biryani over pehelwans.
There are still plenty of places left in the by lanes of jama masjid. Best way to explore is to visit regularly and try a new place each time.
If you are visiting jama masjid and discover a new eating joint and loved the food, please do share it with us
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