There are some experiences which are beyond words. You have to experience yourself to understand the emotions and the greatness behind such memorable and pleasant experience. . I am sure many of us have been through this. I am narrating my experience of Tuesday, when we were invited to taste food at yet to be launched #FarziCafe, a modern Indian bistro.
It’s not review; it’s our experience which we are going to share. Farzi Café is a take on modern bistro, which has modern, contemporary look but yet it’s very Indian.  I am sure this is going to be a trendsetter in Delhi/NCR. A classic yet very modern interior, extensive use of wood, teak wood chair and table to give it very bistro ambience. It has, one of the longest bar in town and hold on there are still few surprises which you will get to know in coming weeks.

I wanted to keep this short as in coming weeks; we will share our detailed experience. It’s a brain child of Zorawar Kalra, someone whom I admire for his enthusiasm, eye for detail and passion for Indian food. Besides this, it also demonstrates the brilliance of young and very talented Chef Himanshu Saini. Off late I have become fan of this very talented young chef. He is a sensation in each of his creation, very innovative and has the zeal to do better every time. 

Whenever we chose to dine out, Indian cuisine always features at the bottom of the pyramid of our choice of cuisine, a trend which has always intrigued me. As an Indian and an avid lover of the robustness Indian food offers, we (my father Mr. Jiggs Kalra & I) take immense pride in our cuisine. We believe that it is upto us Indians to make the effort to elevate Indian food, reintroduce it to the world in its modern avatar, retaining its traditional roots. With this intent in mind, we wanted to make Indian food “cool” again for diners of all ages and thus the origin of the Farzi Café – Modern Indian Bistro concept,” Zorawar added. *

The cuisine served at Farzi Café speaks for itself, as it surprises the palate like never before. The menu on offer is a seasonal spread and will change with the intent to offer dishes prepared using the freshest of ingredients, sourced locally from the region. The menu is also going to use imported high quality gourmet ingredients such as Imported Pork, Imported Spare Ribs, Imported Lamb, Imported Tenderloin, Imported Salmon and many more. The dining experience and hospitality offered to guest will be true to the philosophy of the company and showcased through the restrained elegance and refinement of the chick interiors and naturally lit spaces. Indulgent moments at Farzi Café, will allow the diners to experience the pinnacle of modern Indian hospitality combined with the finest cuisine and in keeping with the dining traditions of India.*

Amour bouche, I consider as trailer which shows you how your gastronimical journey would be. Mishti doi sphere with panch phoran and strawberry coulis, start couldn’t be better than this.
We tried lot of dishes and  all were outstanding, perfectly crafted, very balanced flavor and yet delicious. Whether we talk about raj kachori filled with crispy fried okra or the very modern take on bhel puri 2.0  which has the perfect balance of flavor presented in very modern way. While you can’t miss the inside out vada pao, very clever take on traditional Mumbai vada pao, or the salson ki gilaout and corn and cheese tostada, modern make of makki di roti and sarson da saag – Each of them is unique and interesting. Palak paneer pao with the amazing flavor of melted butter, will simply make you crave for more.Galouti burger with mutton boti is an astounding dish and the  pork spare ribs, cooked to perfection.

If you have started drooling, the desserts are yet to bowl you over!.  Parle G cheesecake (yes you heard it right) will leave you speechless, if not, then phirni oxide and nasik orange and kafir lime aire will definitely make you go ga-ga .  Welcome to the world of modern Indian food.

 Each dish has the reflection of Himanshu’s brilliant culinary experience backed by Zorawar’s passion. An afternoon which I will reminisce, forever .

As I shared earlier, this is an experience beyond compare. Farzi café opened on  20th July – Experience love, experience food, experience  India – in a unique and modern way!

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P.S. * excerpts from official press release

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