The Swiss are famous for their amazing natural beauty, mountain ranges, milk products, watches and the food of Gods – Chocolate. We all love Swiss products and would love to put our hands on them at the very first instance. Swiss has given many iconic brands to the world and one such brand is Mövenpick Ice Cream, part of the biggest food company of the world Nestlé S.A.
The brand has a history of seven decades and it is known of creamy textured ice creams. The brand has a presence through 300 boutiques in Europe, Asia and Australia, and it is served in five-star restaurants and hotels in more than 23 countries around the world.

The brand was brought to India by Star Foods Specialty. It started its first outlet at Select CityWalk Mall in Delhi in February this year. It currently has 4 outlets in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Bangalore and it is looking to expand in Tier 2 cities like Pune & Chandigarh.Mövenpick has launched exciting Summer Sundaes and we were invited to the review last week. Though I have tasted Mövenpick Ice Creams during my foreign visits, I hadn’t tried it at its Indian outpost. The Saket outlet has 20 flavors of ice creams and sorbets which can be scooped in various serving sizes & styles. The menu is expansive with a variety of combinations. One can choose from Sundaes to  Sparkling Sorbets to Soda Floats to Shakes to Ice Cream Drinks to Coffees.

I started with Swiss Chocolate. The best thing about it was that it wasn’t very sweet or bitter in taste & had chocolate flakes. The Macademia had a creamy, nutty flavor with caramelized macadamia nuts. Maple Walnut had big pieces of caramelized walnuts and the Canadian maple syrup adding sweetness to it. Blackcurrant & Cream was a smooth ice cream with the blackcurrant sorbet and pieces of currants. It didn’t have regular color & taste, but surprisingly was pink in color with more of a berry flavor. Tiramisu was enriched with Rombouts coffee beans with fair filling of cake bites. Cappuccino was an aromatic creamy ice cream with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate pieces. Panna Cotta was another Mövenpick version of the famed Italian dessert made with cream and raspberry sauce. Crème Brûlée was cream with a dash of caramel sauce. Another famed desert was transformed into ice cream with supreme brilliance. Caramelita was pure caramel indulgence for my sweet tooth. Mango & Cream was rich, creamy, velvety with bits of mangoes. Hazelnut had caramelized bits of hazelnut. Cinnamon had a strong flavor of cinnamon in the creamy ice cream. Coconut & Swiss Chocolate was a high quality blend with pieces of fresh coconut. Stracciatella was a classic choco chip ice cream. White Chocolate was flavored with real Swiss white chocolate blended with smooth vanilla ice cream. Vanilla was premium ice cream with seeds of vanilla beans. In the sorbets, I tried Apricot, Pineapple, Pear and Lemon & Lime. The sorbets were not icy, had real juice and chunks of the fruits. Lemon & Lime had a strong citrus flavor which is quite hit with as the Lemon Lime Sparkling Sorbet.

I loved all the ice creams for its rich & creamy texture, the secret being the use of Swiss cream and it will be difficult for me single out anyone as the best. Only Stracciatella was a bit disappointment compare to others as I found it somewhat similar to the regular choco chip ice creams.

I also tried a couple of combinations. Swiss Chocolate & Hazelnut Indulgence was a Swiss Chocolate & Hazelnut ice creams served with freshly baked pancakes drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chocolate shavings. Iced Mocha ice cream drink was a Swiss Chocolate ice cream  mixed with iced mocha coffee garnished with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and freshly roasted coffee beans. I found it too watery for my liking. Caramelitasundae was scoop of caramelita ice cream on a cream base topped with caramel pieces and caramel sauce garnished with wafer biscuit and whipped cream. It was brilliantly done sundae and had a good serving which is enough for two people.

It was day full of Swiss indulgence and had made my afternoon.

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