First things first, I am a huge fan of north eastern cuisine and the reason –  I spent around 5-6 years with  my roommate who was from Nagaland. We used to cook in our hostel and he used to feed us his favourite dishes from Nagaland and neighboring states. Then I moved to delhi, lost touch but I always reminisce about it. I have been to Nagaland stall at Delhi Haat couple of times but been always disappointed with the food there.

When Kartikeya Arora of Thnkmrkt planned a foodie event at Rosang Café, it was almost impossible to say no for me. It was like walking down memory lane.

Rosang Café is a small 10-12 seater café sort of place with casual dining, with lots of props being used to give you the feel of north east. They had for us specially designed menu which had most of the dishes from their regular menu.

Let me start with the food,  some which I liked and some I didn’t. In starter we had Chicken Dry fry and spicy pork fry for non vegetarians and marai bora for vegetarian with spicy chutney.  I always feel that getting right chicken fry is not easy. But they got it perfect – it was crisp outside and soft and moist inside, chicken was cooked perfectly and was delicious. We all liked it and infact asked for second helping as well. Marai bora is like vegetable fritters but we quite liked it and the spicy chutney served with it was absolutely yumm..  Spicy pork fry which had chopped tomato and capsicum had the perfect flavor though we felt that pork was little undercooked and was chewy. We didn’t enjoy it much.  Muli Khlieh was cabbage and roasted chana daal salad which none of us liked it, as it was very dry and lacked the flavor.

 In the main course we had Bilahi Masoor Tenga( In simple words fish curry with tomato gravy and they used rohu fish), Tokhan(Tripura style chicken curry), Dohneiihong( Meghalaya style pork curry with sesame paste, Bai(Mizoram style vegetable stir fry), Aloo Tamma(Sikkim style potato and bamboo shoot curry) and wild rice.  Fish curry failed to impress, rohu was over fried and become really chewy and had no taste. Gravy was very simple and basic tomoto based and lacked the flavor. None of us liked the fish curry.  Chicken curry was excellent flavor and tasted fantastic, we all loved the curry and almost everyone ate rice with chicken gravy. We felt the chicken was hard and had skin on it – wasn’t easy when we were digging bites into it.  Vegetable curry was good specially the one with potato in it. Again pork curry failed to impress us. The pork pieces ad extra fat. Upper layer of the meat was very hard and chewy. I was expecting some really good pork curry here. I loved their rice – little sticky – great flavor and was great with chicken curry. In desert we were served wild rice kheer, it was absolute yum…

We still had great time as it was a combination of hits and misses. Our host made us very comfortable and their warm hospitality is very much appreciated. Service too was very prompt. I would love visiting this place for chicken fry, chicken curry and wild rice – the perfect taste of north eastern cuisine.

 Address S-20, Ground Floor, Near Uphaar Cinema, Green Park Extension Market
 Open from 12 noon to 12 midnight.8447963810 (M); 011-65544411
Meal for 2: Rs 800 plus VAT, Service Tax and 10% Service Charge. No alcohol.

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