One of the first thing that comes to mind if I think of pastas are the fresh milled flour, delectable taste of sauces  and the small wooden table overseeing serene mountain. I had a similar experience couple of days back when I and Maneesh visited The Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund for their Homemade Pasta Fest.
The drive along the Tuglakabad Fort road is scenic with the twists & turns of the hill road and it became all the more enjoyable with the spell of rain giving much needed respite from the summer heat. As we stepped inside the hotel, I was amazed by the serenity of the place. There is a sort of calmness in the environment. It is a perfect place for a relaxed weekend, out of the city’s cacophony.
We met PR Manager Ritika, and she took us to their Oasis Restaurant which was hosting the festival. The restaurant is beautifully done with a picturesque view of a fountain and outdoor seating arrangement. Menu had varieties of pasta. The executive chef briefed us on the concept of the fest that was about bringing here varieties of pastas served in Italian homes other than the ubiquitous ones which we commonly eat.

We started with Homemade Mini Taco Bowl Salad, simple tacos were masterly re-created with fresh veggies, cheese and grated walnuts. The fresh flavors mingled well with the spicy crispy tacos. Next on the table was Roasted Tomato and Basil Orecchiette. A brilliant salad with fresh flavor of basil and sweetness of tomatoes. The unique thing was the one big Orecchiette(an ear shaped pasta) ( The Tagliatelle Spinach and Pea Soup came next. It was a hot soup served with fresh and fried Tagliatelle (  in it. I liked the crispiness of fried pasta with the fresh taste of spinach & pea in the soup. 

The main course had variety of brilliantly created pastas, but my favorite was 

Chicken Pansotti verdant of fresh parsley cilantro sauce as it had a smooth & spicy sauce.(coriander sauce with jalapeños, garlic, ginger, onion, lime juice & a dash of mayonnaise). While we were basking in the aroma and flavors of the amazing pastas we had relished, Chef brought a live moving trolly in front of us to spur some surprise. We watched him with bated breath moving his ladle like a conductor moves his baton to churn out a music. The result was brilliantly done crisp basket of spaghetti in a tangy tomato sauce, crowned with meat ball and round crisp bread. Oh what a delight it was to watch it come live in front of our eyes. The taste was superb and  the aroma of tomato sauce had not overpowered the flavor of meat.

Being in India, we enjoyed flavours of Italy and experienced the magic of Chef. Staff too were pretty knowledgable as they were able to explain the nitty gritties of each dish as well as the iingredients used. The property has a serenity and comfort factor, and one can enjoy some brilliant food at peace.

The Homemade Pasta fest that started on 5th June  end today.

Reviewed by Gaurav

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