In this scorching heat if you get an invitation to gorge on ice creams, I am sure the kid in you will be super excited!. That is how I felt,  when I came to know that I will get an opportunity to hog on ice creams to do away my Monday blues. The invitation was from Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle – a Kolkata headquartered chain of ice cream parlors serving natural ice-creams without any artificial essence or added colors.
The brand was started in the year 2008 by Kunal Pabrai, scion of Anuvrat Pabrai, founder of Tulika’s Ice Creams. Initially, the Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle ice creams were being supplied to hotels and catering companies. The first counter was opened in April 2009 in Kolkata. Currently, the brand is present in 7 cities through 18 outlets.

We went to it’s Connaught Place outlet, which is a franchise outlet and it had opened a few months back. There are currently 28 varieties available in the categories of Fresh Fruit Flavours, Indian Flavours, Fun Flavours, Regular Flavours with a difference and Sugar Free.

Seeing so many flavors around, the excitement was palpable. The biggest disappointment was the non-availability of famous Sitaphalice-cream. We tasted all the flavours, sometimes asking for three to four helpings to get the taste and enoyed the flavors. We loved almost all the varieties barring Alphanso Mango and Strawberry. Since the mango season had just begun, the fruit used in it could have been of the initial lot. The strawberry didn’t have the fruit pieces and was extra frozen.

Coming to the superstars, the Rich Chocolate Browniehad actual brownie pieces, and was excellent. South Indian Filter Coffee, a unique flavor with strong aroma and taste of filter coffee. Bubblegumhad actual bubble gum bits, and it could be a hit among kids. Chandanhad the coolness property of it. Watermelon had transported us to the lanes of Jama Masjid where one gets watermelon milk. Anjeer was full of it’s fresh the fresh bits of it, simply brilliant. Paan flavor, we were told is a mix of 17 paan ingredients and reminded us of taste and flavor of Kolkata paan.

Nalen Gur, is the signature ice-cream of Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle and is invented by them. Nalen Gur is a liquid form of jaggery made from the date palm, a native Bengali gur. The taste and texture of this very different from other ice creams and have bits of jaggery in it with a topping of Nalen Gur.

There were few startling facts revealed to us. One the cocoa powder used in the ice-creams is naturally alkalized and is imported. Second the vanilla used in the ice-cream is made from the extracts of vanilla pod which is imported from Madagascar and one can notice the black granules in vanilla ice-cream.
All in all it was an exhilarating experience and would love to come here again. Be it summers or winters, Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle will surely lure you every time!!

Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Cream
in Connaught Place, Delhi/NCR
84-85, Municipal Market, Outer Circle , Near NDMC Power Supply

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