Blogging has given me ample opportunity to meet not only  great foodies but also a  chance to interact with great chefs. Last week  at Smoke House Deli, HKV, Michelin star chef Vikas khanna launched his book called “Hymns from the Soil”, is  a tribute to mother earth. He is probably one of the youngest chef whose restaurant has won Michelin star after nine month of their operation and it’s a benchmark. “Jannat” where he is the master chef is one of the finest dining in the world where they serve Indian cuisine.

Event was organized by Kitcheaid india’s multicity #Blendappetit tour  where they  unveiled, all new KitchenAid’s Proline Cordless Hand Blender and also showcased Chef Vikas Khanna’s new book called “Hymns from the Soil” specially for vegetarians.   Chef shared with us the use of handblender. Most interesting thing about the book, is that this entire book, is written for vegetarian lovers and has some excellent recipes. We will soon share the review of the book in a separate blog post. “Hymns from the Soil”is  a tribute to mother earth exclusively launched by Amazon.
It’s always pleasure talking to Chef Vikas Khanna.  I always admire his love and passion for Indian food. He not only talks about indian food but also  loves to explore new places in India to get to know more about local food and tries to bring them to international level. He shared his experiences of various places during the #Blendappetit Tour, specially his home town Amritsar where he had some great time with his family and fans. It was wonderful meeting him and amazing to have interacted with him. I will remember this event for very long time. Also not to forget about the great food tha was served by Smoke House. I will share my experiences about their food in my next blog post.
Speaking at the launch, Mohit Jain, Regional Director- KitchenAid Small Appliances, Asia-Pacific, said “As a brand, we promise to fuel culinary passion and the launch of the KitchenAid Pro Line Cordless Hand Blender is another step in that direction. Our brand is synonymous with flawless performance and cutting edge design and that is why most chefs choose us for their homes.The newly launched cordless blender is a beautifully designed toolkit for the chef in you. It is a brilliant combination of sophistication, simplicity, unmatchable design and yet powerful. It not only gives you the freedom to blend anywhere but also encourages you to invent new recipes on the go.”
Masterchef Vikas Khanna also added, “It feels great to be associated with KitchenAid India since I have spent many years innovating recipes with the brand’s iconic appliances. The Blender is a great tool for the kitchen and a must for people who are versatile and like creativity in their cooking style. I also feel proud to launch Hymns from The Soil, a vegetarian saga along with KitchenAid. “Hymns from the Soil”, is an exquisite amalgamation of gentle, pure, heartwarming vegetarian food that sings with the nature’s harvest. 
About Hymns from the Soil
In India we often call our soil, the Mother Earth or Dharti Maa. Mother Earth, in all languages, cultures in India is synonymous with the gentle, soothing, caring mother who loves and lives for her children. The beautiful vegetables and fruits growing in the purity of the soil are yet another form of her love and affection for her children. With “Hymns from the Soil” Chef Vikas Khanna offers his gratitude and prayers to Mother Earth for her abundance.
The recipes in the book accentuate the purity and spirituality of vegetarian food while bringing  ( or layering it with) in cultural and regional nuances. At the same time, the food journey is interspersed with Vikas’ own personal journey – whether it is going back to his kitchen garden in Amritsar and waiting for the cardamom to grow as a curious child to exploring the cardamom spice farms as an adult with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm.
Hymns from the Soil offers a heartening tribute as Chef Vikas Khanna bows to Mother Earth. 
About KitchenAid India
KitchenAid is the one of the top rated kitchen appliances brand in the world. It is the only brand that makes everything for the kitchen – Major Appliances, Small Appliances and Tools and Gadgets. It came into being in 1919 and was acquired by Whirlpool Corporation in 1986. The brand launched in India in October, 2013. KitchenAid is best known for its iconic stand mixers, the category in which it is the market leader. KitchenAid now offers over 400 products worldwide. As a brand purpose, we nourish human expression and as a promise, we fuel culinary passion.

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